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Idiot Liberals At Huff-Po Continue Their Slander Campaign: “Worst People Of 2013… So Far”

First Liberal Found By Geologist

First Liberal Found By Geologist

Wayne LaPierre,

Christ Brown

Subway Sandwich Shop

Lance Armstrong

Brazilian woman

attempted kill hubby
Pat Robinson

Whoever started @Gowanus Dolphin on Twitter

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

Westboro Baptist Church

Rep. Catherine Brown

Rush Limbaugh

No tipper person  here

liberal_idiotAll I can do is shake my head, laugh and wonder how and why anyone would destroy that minds to the point of NO RETURN.

Ignorance can be cured if one wants a cure; stupid is forever — stupidity is the cornerstone of Liberalism.

Wayne LaPierre, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robinson, Rep. Catherine Brown, Subway Sandwich Shops, the small tipper and the silly twit on Twitter — have committed NO crime and hurt no one.  Even ole Lance Armstrong primarily hurt himself, and no one else.

And yet the Liberals slandered and coined these folks (and company) the  “worst people” — all while Barack Hussein Obama and his Socialist Democrats in Congress and holding local offices around the country, are literally destroying the foundation of America.

Even stupid people should be able to see the bigoted folly in this one?


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