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Michelle Obama’s “Fat Butt” Isn’t Racist — Just A Predominate, Large Fat Buttock


You deny the undeniable just because of color

The Washington Post is suggesting Tuesday that it’s somehow national news that a high-school football coach in northern Alabama was caught on tape mocking Michelle Obama for having a “fat butt.”

Post reporter used this mini-story — football coach secretly recorded by students who apparently want him fired, and mohe’s already been suspended — (cut) this means our “country of white people” are mo1“not showing adequate respect for and devaluing the bodies of black women.”

But what is it with Michelle Obama’s critics and the fixation with her derriere? “Read more: here

Another assault on speech by a bigoted Liberal.

Personally, I won’t have a snotty fool, demanding “white people” show any so called “adequate respect” for any particular person, regardless of race or creed.  We (thus far) don’t live under the heavy hand of a King, handing down mandates from on high . . . although, a case could be made that this regime is doing just that.  The only acceptable speech is the speech which demeans and belittles little Barack’s “enemies”Conservative white Americans.

I also don’t care how fat Michelle’s butt is — the real problem is the Liberalism stuck between her ears and the fact that she’s has NO fashion taste. geeez

Snooty Liberals take on the glorified responsibility of correcting and criticizing all who aren’t “playing for their team”.  Liberals have demeaned the word “racism” to the point it’s become almost meaningless — everything they choose is racist if it pushes their political bigotry.

Michelle Obama does have large buttocks . . . so do Kim Kardashian and Jeniffer Lopes. So do a lot of women.  Barack ‘the sensitive’ Hussein Obama has large ears which stick out like cab doors.  We know that only because he scolded a (liberal reporter) for mentioning it 5 hcyears ago.  She learned her lesson.  NO criticism of the King!

Hillary Clinton has lost whatever looks she might have once held, as she ungraciously ages before the public eye . . . and will lose even more as she prepares to run for Queen in 2016.

None of the aforementioned is “racist” — simply rude jokes, making fun of someones looks.

racist rice1racist rice

racist rice2

If this Photoshop were done to Michelle O, we’d hear screams of horror.

But I must add, if those people were Republicans, the same snooty, elite Liberals would have haughtily laughed at and passed around those “racist jokes’ on Twitter.  Condoleezza Rice’s ‘black anatomy’ was mocked and ridiculed just a few years back — and the Liberal Democrats have been silent. She was a hated for being a Republican, so it didn’t matter to them.   Michelle’s butt might be naturally large and voluminous but it can’t compare to the lips on these racist rendition of Condi Rice.  And the sanctimonious Liberal Democrats never utter any disparaging words regrading the mocking this black woman.


Allen West ad shows him beating up “white women” in 2012


Racist ads against black Republicans need receive condemnation from hypocritical Democrats.

Allen West objected to ads the Democrat Party run against him hitting “white” women.  Racist?  It was certainly meant to be.

judge c thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas, Republican and Conservative

And what about Conservative Republican Supreme Court Judge, Clarence Thomas . . . is that depiction not racist? Did you hear the Democrats crying ‘injustice’ and “racism!”?  No, you did not.

Liberals, Democrats . . .  those on the Left are always decrying racism real or imagined when directed at themselves and never see nor comment on the real racism in their own ranks.  This is to no one’s surprise…. expect the Low Information Voters who continue to stupidly put Democrats in office.

Michele’s butt is big; Jennifer Lopez’s butt is big;  Kim Kardashian’s butt is humongous; Obama has large, protruding ears — not everyone can be as physically attractive as Beyoncé  (who’s butt is rather big) or … Mitt Romney.  We’ll just have to all live with what God gave us or pay a doctor correct perceived flaws.  But freedom of speech must continue, even when it offends.  At lest until the Liberal Left is ready to get on board with a little human decency instead of simply criticizing and demeaning the political Right.


Ronald Reagan

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