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Democrats Continue To Slander White American Citizens As Obama Continues His Demand For Open Borders And Amnesty

crazy fin As the immigration reform debate heats up in Washington, liberals seem to think that they have a free rein to say whatever they want against people who are skeptical of the proposals on the table.  That’s exactly what happened on this afternoon’s broadcast of Now with Alex Wagner, with MSNBC contributor and former Democratic National Committee communications director Karen Finney charging that the “crazy crackers on the right” would doom the GOP in this immigration debate.

Yes, Finney used a derogatory, racist term for white people in a segment in which Republicans were chided for allegedly dehumanizing Hispanics with terms like “illegal immigrant” and “anchor babies.” Of course, Finney, a board member of abortion lobby group NARAL Pro-Choice America knows a thing or two about dehumanizing innocents.

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As Obama continues his never ending campaigning  tour of 2013 (which was preceded by his never ending campaigning tours of ’07 -’12), he bellowed and blustered out yet another divisive amnesty speech to the citizens (and non, I’m sure) in Las Vegas.  He somehow felt compelled to spend millions of taxpayersdollars to fly to L. V. and back, for a 30 minutes speech.  One must wonder what was wrong with the Oval Office?  Was Michelle having a ‘bring your favorite veggie to work day’ with the hood gals or what?

But in any case, ole Barack made sure American understands his “reaching out to Republicans” (with his middle finger) on ‘compromising’ immigration reform his began — as usual, it’s his way or go to hell.  And his way involves continuing to leave our borders as wide open as possible.  “Come one, come all  . . .  criminals.  Democrats need new voters.” (catchy campaign ad, huh)

I’m sure he’s a bit disappointed Finney beat him to the “crackers” words first…. but it is comforting to know Democrats never find any word too debase, too rude or too “hateful” to direct toward their enemy —  which is and never will be “radical muslims” but any and all Conservative/ Republican white American citizens.

Illegals and anchor babies are a huge part of the problem in America.  Almost as big a problem as the Socialist Democrat agenda of division, hatred, lies and propaganda.  Both are equally destructive to the fabric of America — which is why it’s the cornerstone of the Democrat Party.

What a pity neither Barack Hussein Obama or the Socialist Democrats have any sense of shame.



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