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The Other Four Letter “F” Word

The word is a major part of the Liberal/ Leftist ‘holly grail’.  It’s the cornerstone of their devious accomplishment and progressive agenda in reshaping our entire society.  It’s a word that’s been sorely distorted and contorted to an importance only previously known to 3 year olds.


Life isn’t “fair” – learn in now

The word is Fair.

It’s just as despicable as the original “f” word because it’s changing the nation, our moral conscience (or lack there of) and ethical behavior.

Barack Hussein Obama and the majority of the Socialist Democrat Party have come into power using this child driven word.  “It’s not fair” . . . “it’s only fair”. . .  “it should be fair” has dribbled out of their mouths like honey, to placate the ears of their sycophants believers.  It’s finally come to whole fruition with the reelection of the worst man to ever hold the office of President, at least since Wilson (and we’ve had some pretty horrid leaders).

Most reasoned, well balanced and well adjusted adults came to understand there is no fair in fair.  Life isn’t “fair”, nor should it be.  Strength of character is grown through trials, not placation and appeasement.  Work and achievement build justifiable esteem, instead of some phoney, pseudo self- esteem in which the Liberals says “we’re all equal”, “we’re all the same” and government should take from achievers to redistribution to non achievers — and call that fair.


Where IS the “fairness” in our current, corrupt news media?

Races are equal due to the fact we’re all human beings and no human is any more special than another.  That’s the normal and logical definition of equal.  But no person is going to be equal in achievement — that’s left to the individual to work and achieve on his own merit.  Some will always be financially successful, as as some will never be.  That can’t and won’t be changed by any government’s regime. . . . .  nor should it be.

Now we have a regime which has gloried fairness as the 11th commandment and ill- informed voters who are willfully ignorant enough to buy into it.

Fair has been made a dirty word by the ruling class.  It won’t be found in the Bible because the Lord is wiser than politicians.  He never promised fairness nor equal outcomes.  He promised salvation, eternal life, wisdom and true knowledge when His Words were followed.  Which of course, the Liberals in America have banned from as many public spaces as possible.  God established opportunity and personal liberty in America – and with that freedom came ample opportunity to worship and evangelize, to receive His blessings.

Having women serve on the front lines of combat is the latest victim of Fairness.  It’s not Fair; it’s foolish for countless reasons.  Women were created different from men which includes their souls.  By nature they nurture and will never have the physical capabilities of a equally prepared man.  Women on the front lines of combat will be an unmitigated disaster for the country and women.

Fairness is phoney and promises equality of outcomes which will never be realized.  How many more decades will be lost as Liberal politicians imposed their agenda on a  once free people.

One comment on “The Other Four Letter “F” Word

  1. justturnright
    January 25, 2013

    Good post, RP!

    But as to your final question: “How many more decades will be lost as Liberal politicians impose their agenda on a once free people?”

    Answer: I fear it will be ALL of ’em.


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