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Has Dr. King’s “Dream” Been Realized?

I say no, absolutely not.  . . .  and here’s why.

One of the most memorable part’s of Dr. King’s speech was that all Americans could  ” … live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

affirmative-actionSadly, it seems that most of us are judged on our political leanings and skin color. Not our character.

Conservatives are called racists, simply for opposing Barack Hussein Obama’s extreme, liberal policies — nothing more.  Would that be acceptable to Dr. King? Of course not.

Take “Affirmative Action”. It’s a cutesy, nice sounding term for “racism”.  There isn’t any “racial justice” when you don’t require the same amount of education, effort and knowledge from black/ minority applicants as you do white applicant.  How is it “fair” to deny advancement in career goals, simply because you’re white?  This is the backasswards thinking of Liberalism — to punish some people for their color, which is exactly King denounced.

A .A. is undeniably racism, but it was embraced and honored for it’s political agenda of Liberal Democrats, who found a tart and trite way to appease, instead of serious reform and discussion.  It’s no more “fair” to advance one race over another, than it’s fair to punish or enslave one race over another.  That’s cockeyed bigotry and not justice in any form.  But it does appeal to the “low information voter” or the low informational educated.

If your child required delicate brain surgery to survive, do you want the doctor who got into school and graduated via affirmative action — or do you want the best doctor who met the qualifications, did the work and graduated at the top of his or her class?  Do you want a firefighter who studied and passed all the required tests to become a Captain in the fire department — or the one that was passed along because of his particular skin color?  If any of us were trapped in a burning inferno, on the 15th floor, I have no doubt we’d want the best man qualified coming to our rescue.

That is the stupidity and racism behind Affirmative Action, which isn’t affirmative but simply appeasing a racist, uninformed mentality.

But the worst of the worst is Affirmative Action has the overtones of expecting less from minorities — assuming they’re not quite as competent, not quite as intelligent, not quite as industrious as those of the white race!  That alone should be enough to make any black America disgusted with A. A.  It’s saying minorities don’t have the same abilities as some other races and therefore, the government must pat them on the back and give them the cheaters way to the top of the class.


Herman Cain who achieved success with out the racism of affirmative action

This is what astounds me.  It’s a racist driven system with a ‘wink wink’ attached that insults minorities!  And yet, some of these people are the majority of the people who support it!  Not all of course, because there are Conservative black Americans who opposed Affirmative Actions on it’s lack of merit.

If King were alive, I wonder if he’d take note of the A. A. and the racial divide the country is facing, where a man isn’t judge on the content of his moral and ethical character – but on his political party affiliation and skin color.


Colonel and Congressman Allen West who achieved success without the racism of affirmative action

Affirmative Action, like political hatred, needs to be quietly put to death.  Unfortunately, with the rule and reign of liberal Democrats like Obama and the majority of the Socialist Democrats we have in office, there is no end in sight to racial bigotry, which is used as a political tool.  Liberals support the system which keeps so many black Americans chained to a political party — because they honestly believe in the propaganda they’ve been fed for decades.

We look to our political leaders to lead.  It does no individual, no country and no government any good, when they lead us down the road of racial propaganda.


2 comments on “Has Dr. King’s “Dream” Been Realized?

  1. kestrelslexis
    January 22, 2013

    Very well written and I agree. Affirmative action has made many problems worse for minorities, particularly on the social/cultural level.


    • RightyPunditry
      January 22, 2013

      Thank you — it’s the honest truth, much can taste like rotten fruit going down, but remains the truth. It’s another failed liberal policy which needs to be done away with.


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