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Letters To Obama That’ll You’ll Never See In The News

letter to bo2

Dear Mr Obama,

My class heard you talking about people who have guns.  My house had a gun.  My house was robbed last week and the bad men stole Mommy and Daddy’s gun.  Mommy said the bad people were told we had a gun by our newspaper in New York.  Will you make the newspaper stop?  I am scared that they stole our gun and we do not have the money for another gun since Daddy lost his job.

p.s. will you make the country better so daddy can work and will you stop spending money so much. Mommy says we have to live on a budget and I think you can too.

signed, Mikey


Dear Mr President Obama,

I am 7 years old and scared to go to school because I drew a picture of a stick gun last year and got in big trouble.  The Principal would not let me go to school for 6 weeks.  I was told I was bad for drawing a picture.  If the picture of the gun is so scary I would like to have pictures of guns on the school doors and keep the bad people away.  Is that OK?

signed, Jon


Dear Mr Obama Sir,

My Mommy and Daddy have a lot of guns and we all have fun when we watch them shoot on the gun range.  I have heard you and your friends says guns are bad and you want to take away some of our guns and bullets.  Do you know that Mommy and Daddy would not be able to protect me and my baby sister from bad people? Would you send your FBI men to protect my Mommy and little sister then?

signed, Taurus


Mr President Obama,

I am 6 years old and my friend Shoshanna was killed at my school.  I am very sad.  My Mommy is a teacher and wants to take her gun to school to protect my school friends.  Will you let her do that please?  She is a good person not a bad person.

signed, Monique


Dear Mr. President,

My name is Peyton and I went to Sandy Hook with my friends.  Two of my friends were killed.  My Mommy and Daddy were as sad as I was.  My Daddy told me if he had been able to take his gun to school, he would have shot the man who killed before he could have hurt so many friends.  Is it now OK with Daddy takes his gun to school to protect us?

My Daddy protects us from a lot of bad things and works all the time and I know he would be happy to protect my school friends too.  Please write him and tell Daddy he can go to school with his gun because he his good with his gun too.

your friend Peyton

letter to bo3

(if you’re a Liberal with no sense of humor or no understanding of sarcasm or hyperbole, these are no more “real” letters to the King Obama — than the ones Obama says the White House received)



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