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Lance Who.cares.strong? He’s Not Destroying America!

All the media blather and hyper discussion with “experts” and attorney’s over Lance Armstrong is more than laughably ridiculous.

He’s a grown man who became famous for riding a child’s bicycle.  He broke no laws, he’s simply a proven liar. Not unusual. Does that require uber media assault on our senses and intelligence?

Where was this media attitude when Pres. Billy “Lewinsky” Clinton lied under oath and denied a woman, Paul Jones (whom he sexually abused), her legal justice in in a court of law?  Clinton lied under oath and to the American people.  He’s been accused not just of affairs with silly, consenting women, but of rape (talk about a “war on women”!)  Where was the media outrage? Why is this man, more than 10 years later, not in prison and treated like a media star and Democrat icon!? (More on the despicable Clinton:  here)

Barack Hussein Obama has repeated lied to the American people and lied under oath, when he swore (and will swear) to “uphold the Constitution” which he has not and will not do.  Where is the outrage over the House of Representatives, the Senate and activist Judges who don’t follow the Constitution and lie to the American people?  These are the people who make law, break law and raise out taxes!  But our compliant, corrupt media continues to support, lie, and lie by omission all for the empowerment of the Democrat Party.

I don’t care about the moral failings of Lance Armstrong.  I didn’t care about his bike riding, winning little awards and money made in Europe for silly bike races.  It’s meaningless and inconsequential in most of our lives.  I care no more about what lies he told or ‘doping’ than I do the useless, immoral goings on of any of the asinine Kardashian’s. As pathetic as these ‘celebrates’ lives are and how they flaunt their political stupidity and lack of any moral standards, what kind of person even cares or take notice?  None of these wasted lives can make oppressive laws or tax our property.

This one reason our nation is in such dire straights, are the ignorant people consumed with the uselessness and meaningless lives of these people, as politicians in Washington and beyond, work on a daily basis to empower themselves and grow their wealth as they punish working Americans.

Let Armstrong sniffle or brag, ride or not ride — it doesn’t matter.  He will be dealt with, just as the Kardashian’s will be dealt with in time.  We can’t vote them out of celebrity-ship (although we can turn them off).

On the other hand, lying, crooked, power hunger politicians and an out of control Marxist President are destroying not just our lives, but the lives of our children.

Lance Armstrong is only impacting himself — not the well being of Americans. Demand honest answers from our politicians and forget Armstrong.



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