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Oprah’s Network Bastardizes Children And Incompetent Parents In Hopes Of Getting Ratings


“…. the Oxygen network – that supposedly uplifting women’s channel founded in 2000 by Oprah Winfrey – announced it was producing a reality show called “All My Baby’s Mamas” starring an Atlanta rapper and former drug dealer named “Shawty Lo,” alongside his 11 children and their ten different mothers.

…… Oxygen promoted this videotaped puddle of stupidity with a YouTube highlight reel featuring the rapper (real name: Carlos Walker) unsuccessfully attempting to name his 11 kids as quiz-show music plays. 

This plot was so objectionable and senseless that the entire political spectrum has united against it. Leftist Boyce Watkins called it “a platform for ignorance.” Liberal Clarence Page asked “Lincoln freed us for this?” Upset with the black stereotyping, citizen activist Sabrina Lord posted a petition on Change.org demanding “Shawty-Lo Must Go,” and the Parents Television Council and their grass-roots army joined in that effort. Conservatives smell the decline and fall of Western civilization in this kind of “reality TV” sensationalism.”   Read more: here

About the time I think it couldn’t get any worse, sure enough, it gets worse.  I can only imagine the next show to be promoted will be the severely retarded copulating with animals.  Impossible you say?  Did you ever imagined we’d be glamorizing fornication and bastard offspring?

It’s bad enough that these illegitimate kids have been ‘bastardized’ twice by their ‘parental units’ (who are obviously too stupid and too selfish to be allowed to breed), but bastardized again by Oprah Winfrey’s failed network, “Oxygen”.  The same Oprah and network who claim to “uplift women and womanhood” — well, certainly not on this show.  If this isn’t the definition of “stereotyping” the “black community” – nothing is.

“Oxygen” appears to be hell bent on this disgusting show.  Considering the people who flocked to that trash TV known as “Jersey Shores” and all it’s many illegitimate cousins, ‘Hollywood Wives’ or whatever, frighteningly, it could become a hit and bring in ubers of money for Oprah (it’s goal) and the idiot participants, who are stupid as they are moralless.  We’ll have to pray, this doesn’t become the new standard for television reality shows and promote more copulating, fornicating and bastard offspring in the youth of our country.

And we can’t forget — there are ‘victims’.  They’re of varying ages who are growing up seeing immorality and irresponsibility as the ‘standard’ to live by.  A male figure who fathered them in a moment revolving around his personal entertainment and females who were more than eager to participate in their own degradation to be ‘with’ a (so called) “celebrity”.

I think they should at least change the name.  Possibly something like “Sodom and Gomorrah” and we can all wait for the fireworks.



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