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“Father Of The Year” Recipient Also Adulterous Cheater Who Abused His Wife, Other Women And Accused of Rape

previous demo skank“….couldn’t this award have gone to someone who hasn’t repeatedly cheated on the mother of his only (confirmed) child? Just a thought. Maybe serial infidelity and betrayal have an expiration date for certain privileged figures in society. Speaking of which, being a Democrat must be nice; even your most serious glaring personal failings are gradually expurgated over time, to the point that your Achilles Heel becomes the subject of celebration. When does John Edwards become eligible for this trophy, I wonder? Hell, Ted Kennedy was glorified as a great champion of women’s rights at the DNC in Charlotte, yet conservatives were scolded for pointing out the sick irony.”  here

Maybe next year the Libs will nominate Jerry Sandusky. I’m sure he was a good Pop too.  And we should all know by now, how Liberals love to express their “tolerance”, “compassion” and “forgiveness” for thier ‘own kind’. What’s a little sexual scandal(s), abuse and adultery in one’s ‘formative years’ (12 – 98 for liberal males) when we know “everyone” fornicates?  Right?

Yes, Liberal Socialist Democrats just love their sexual offenders, criminals, drug users and social abusers  And why they love and support “gentlemen” (as defined by Democrats) like: Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson,Marion Barry, John Edwards, Teddy “the waitress sandwich” Kennedy and Eliot Spitzer. Why ole Spitzer even got a job CNN for his public adultery!  Who says crime doesn’t pay off?!

 In fact, about the only thing a Liberal Demo won’t show tolerance, compassion and forgiveness for is – – – being a Conservative, in which case, they malign, persecute, invent create lives to besmirch and belittle said Conservative.  Yep, it sure pays to be a Democrat.

2 comments on ““Father Of The Year” Recipient Also Adulterous Cheater Who Abused His Wife, Other Women And Accused of Rape

  1. justturnright
    January 10, 2013

    This award is even more ironic when you consider that Father’s Day is the one day Bubba always makes sure to screen his calls, IYKWIMAITYD……..


  2. RightyPunditry
    January 11, 2013

    LOL oh yes, I have no doubt. Too many (fraudulent) “‘baby mama’s” on the loose, perhaps.


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