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Kill Big Bird Or Johnny Might Die From Cancer?!

tv Children glued to TV and computer screens at increased risk of cancer and obesity

Doctors warn EVEN if kids get daily exercise, long hours in front of a screen puts them at a much higher risk of getting cancer in adult life.  With the sort of technology now available, children are spending more time in front of a screen than ever.

And experts warn that even if youngsters get daily exercise, the increasing hours sat watching TV, playing computer games or surfing the internet could put them at a much higher risk of getting cancer in adult life.

Doctors fear long spells of inactivity while glued to a screen may lead to childhood obesity and the associated health dangers. . . . . ”  here

What a surprise . . . well, no, not really.  This is the expected consequence of allowing Liberals to propagate “studies”, so they can find the results they wish to promote. Secondly, we’ve already been told that, we, the lousy parents, aren’t capable of raising/ controlling our children, so in the end, government will have to control the TV remote.

All heil our benevolent governments! . . .?

Busybodies are forever consumed with others bodies.  Have they ever heard of cleaning your own house?  Perhaps getting the beam out of their own eye?  Minding their own business is evidently, forbidden — and thus, toys are banned from Happy Meals, resulting in a less than happy Suzie.  Yet, they still don’t learn.  They know best, after all.

idiot parent

Helicopter parent behaving as an automated helicopter

I give zero credence to the study (more Liberal driven crisis to demanded government dictates)  Perhaps Michelle O will tour the U.S. and Europe scolding the (stupid) masses for TV viewing.  (Hollywood won’t be pleased)

But we must make note that these people, the busybody Liberals, are the same people who said kids shouldn’t be allowed to play: tag, football, soccer, baseball, dodge ball,  ‘cowboys and injuns’ and a slew of other active games and sports due to their “danger”.  Slides, merry-go-rounds, monkey bars (which are also “racist”) must be scrubbed from all playgrounds so that no child shall ever face the horror of a skinned knee.

Parents, it might be a wise investment to buy uber stock in bubble wrap before the price starts climbing. You can always wrap the TV remote in it after you finish with Johnny.

It’s so easy to influence the gullible, easy influence-able.  They believe what “scientist”, “doctors” and “studies” tell us, with no proof or evidence.  Just their best, elitist estimation/ and guesstimation . . . which is probably brought to us by that evil, cancer causing Sony 55′ HD TV set.

I’d suggest taking Johnny to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal on a family outing to the park, where (with luck) he’ll have all sorts of playground equipment to enjoy after a brisk game of hide and seek or baseball.  Then go home and watch all three Toy Story movies and nap on the sofa.

This unruly, dangerous and cancer causing behavior will also drive the Liberals crazy!  yeeha!



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