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The Conservative Bigotry Of The Liberal Left — Excuse The Redundancy

aging commieHarry Belafonte of “Day-O” fame has a novel suggestion for Barack Obama: He wants the President to imprison those who oppose his agenda “like a Third World dictator.” You see, that’s the problem with progressives. Scratch one lightly and you’ll always find a totalitarian enamored of fascist methods just beneath the surface.

Belafonte, who is no stranger to controversy, is also a big fan of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe and the notorious Rosenbergs, who were executed by the US government back in 1953 for essentially helping the Soviet Union develop nuclear weapons. And while there was much uncertainty about the Rosenbergs’ guilt, KGB documents released after the collapse of the Soviet Union, revealed they did indeed pass on nuclear secrets to Stalin. here

‘Dirty Harry’ is one of the many original ‘bitter clinger’- Obamabots, who swoons over the non- existent gloriousness of communism, while denying he’s a communist.  Desiring to have the non- communist opposition locked up and silenced, is a normal ideology in his world.

Liberal loons predictably defended his verbiage, waddling over his dictatorial comments as being meaningless ‘jokes.  My, what a funny man.

‘Dirty Harry’ the bellicose buffoon didn’t appear to making a joke, but as so many bigots on the Left, he adores communism and their dictatorial goons and their abilities to have absolute control over descent.  Much like Barack Hussein Obama who never has a kind word for 1/2 the American citizen who oppose his radical agenda.


One comment on “The Conservative Bigotry Of The Liberal Left — Excuse The Redundancy

  1. justturnright
    December 20, 2012

    Idiot Socialists, just being themselves.

    Ahh, I long for the days when our entertainers were mostly Veterans and/or who loved to entertain our troops with the USO.

    And that seems like a very long time ago…


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