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A Government Spending Cut Of 1% Could Be The Answer To The Deficit

government waste

Government waste money they don’t earn and doesn’t belong to them

“And most Americans realize this. Even though they re-elected the biggest spending president in history, exit polls showed that 51 percent of voters want a smaller government that provides fewer services, and 63 percent opposed raising taxes in order to reduce the deficit.

So the question is: If people believe that government is too big and spends too much money, and they don’t support tax increases as the solution, why can’t we build political support for spending cuts?  The reason, I believe, is that the numbers are no longer meaningful. People simply cannot get their heads around trillions of dollars.

We need perspective, and perspective is what percentages are for. People understand percentages.  For instance, Americans saw their wealth plummet 40 percent during the recession. Median income fell 8 percent, and the value of retirement accounts declined 7 percent.  Meanwhile, over that same period, the federal government grew its spending from $4.9 trillion to $5.9 trillion, a 20 percent increase……

That’s why the only way to build political support for spending restraint is something like this: An across-the-board 1 percent cut in spending—all spending.  And a real cut, not just an adjustment in scheduled growth.

your money

Obama’s addiction spending is money leaving your pocket and your country

If we cut federal spending by only 1 percent for five years, we balance the federal budget without any need for tax increases. We solve a spending problem with spending restraint, returning spending to Clinton-era levels.  here

This makes sense, even to the ‘senseless’ and a case the Republicans should me making.

And they did in 20011 – which was ignored by the media and of course the grab- your- money- and- run- Democrats.(  here ) The “One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011” was introduced by Republican Congressman Connie Mack.  How much did we hear about that??

Barack Hussein and the Democrats have no, absolutely no interest in cutting massive, cancerous government spending.  They want to control all the wealthy produced in this country.  Whether that’s from a person making $20,000 a year or $2,000,000,000.

And the Republicans seem almost as disinterested — or incapable of putting a case together to the nation from financial destruction!

Check the website and see if you agree.


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