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White House’s ‘Business Adviser’, GE’s Jeff Immelt, Says China’s ‘State-Run Communism’ Works


The chairman of President Barack Obama’s job council has endorsed China’s style of crony capitalism, saying “state-run communism may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.

Jeff Immelt is the dual-hatted chairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, and of General Electric, a huge company with businesses in many domestic and international sectors, including China.  He used a Dec. 10 television interview to suggest that China’s type of state-run capitalism has been great for business while lamenting the state of the American economy. . . .

China’s government consists of a communist-style elected dictatorship that overlaps with Chinese-style family networks and nepotism, regional power centers and many influential graduate-school bureaucrats who oversee the nation’s five-year economic development plans.

China’s government is now spending huge amounts of money to build up the country’s infrastructure. The spending is buying coal-fired and nuclear power plants, electricity transmission lines, and railroads — all of which G.E. builds for export.”  Read more: here

What more does a thinking person need to know about Barack Hussein, his devoted “crony” followers and the Democrat Party.  They swoon over dictators and communism due to the power owner by government entities, aka presidents, dictators, kings or whoever.  This is the dream of Obama — controlling the U.S. economy, controling where wealth resides, by redistributing taxpayer money to those he picks, here and around the world.

Unfortunately and disastrously for America, he’s about accomplished his dream.

In our reeducation camps, more commonly and incorrectly called, ‘public schools’ and ‘institutions of higher learn, communism isn’t expose for the evil on people, which it actually is.  It’s glamorized and aggrandized as the way a good government can care for the masses (idiots believing liberal/ government produced propaganda) and treat all “fairly” and “equally” – aka, control who has what.  All finding such ‘harsh rhetoric’ offensive are part of the willfully uniformed and part of the problem — not the cure.

Immelt and other crony capitalist like him, approve of communism because they can directly benefit financially, and otherwise, from such evil propagated on free people.  They make massive amounts of money as well as power, by their “corny capitalist” connections to the powerful within socialist government.

America’s future appears to be very dark.  I hope, pray and work toward that not being so, but the reality of our Socialists Democrat Party and it’s destructive force on America has come to fruition.


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