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Crowder Attacked By Uncivil Union Thugs While Defending And Protecting Woman And Elderly In Harms Way

s crowder‘Fox News contributor and blogger Steven Crowder was violently attacked today at a pro-union protest in Michigan. Union members were protesting the right-to-work bill, which was signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder (R) this evening.

Crowder witnessed an Americans for Prosperity tent being torn down with women and elderly people inside. When he tried to stop that from happening, union supporters responded with violence – punching Crowder several times and tearing down the tent. It was all caught on tape (watch below).

Tonight on Hannity, Crowder gave his firsthand account of the ordeal. Crowder said, “I’m not that hurt. Listen, it was more mentally shaking to see this happen. It was more upsetting to get home and see my wife so upset. I went out there and leftists right now are saying that I deserved the beating that I got, completely physically unprovoked. […] The reason for that is that I did go in and apparently I provoked it by asking them why they were against right-to-work.”  here

“Violently attacked” — indeed.  By what has become the ‘typical’ Union thuggery, who deem fit that no view is allowed time but their view.

Fools have also been saying, writing and ‘tweeting’, that Crowder had “no right to be there!” and “deserved what he got”.  Right?  As a law abiding American, he had the right to be there as much, if not more, than any of those thugs.  That’s the American way.

No doubt Barack Hussein won’t be calling Crowder to see if he’s OK nor . . . nor demanding these thugs receive retribution for the unjust attack on another citizen.  That’s the Obama way.

“Tea Party” members are continued to be called nasty names for exhibiting their Constitution right in a peaceful, civil manner, as is required.

On the other hand, Union members, their goons and thugs, as like the deadbeat ‘occupy movement’ , filled with free-loaders, are filled with disturbing violence and hatred.  But they’re also Obama voters, so they receive a pass and are defended.

mapAmerican is upside down.  Right, correct, constitutional, legal and godly is deemed as bad, wrong, unconstitutional, illegal and evil.

The radical Leftist are promoted by the radical Left in the media, Congress and White House as normal, good and correct.   American citizens are attacked simply for being in a particular location control by radical, violent mob.

The man should be arrested, jailed and go to trail on assault charges.  As civilized people, we’re expected to control our violent reactions and behave like adults.  Those who don’t should have consequences imposed on them by a civilized society and it’s law enforcement.  Like Trayvon Martin, this man chose to become violent, aggressive and out of control, wanting to believe he was superior and able to do as he pleased.  The height of selfishness and arrogance.

Much like the man in the White House, continuing to set the tone for a country.  Our country has lost it’s way, is upside and on it’s way out. . . . due to Socialist Democrats and their socialist, liberal oppression.



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