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Another Mocking Of The Bible And The Earthly Mother Of Christ

pagan foolishnessA conversation between Colm Toibin (an author) and NPR’s Terry Gross:

Toibin was encouraged to read passages from this vicious little Bible-shredding screed, about how Mary couldn’t stand the sound of her own son’s preaching: “my son would insist on silence and begin to address them as though they were a crowd, his voice all false and his tone all stilted, and I could not bear to hear him.”

GROSS: So before I go any further, I want to say you’re really playing with fire in this book, because a lot of people will see it as blasphemous. I mean, you’re saying that Mary didn’t believe her son was the Son of God and she doesn’t really believe his disciples. The disciples who are staying with her to protect her, she kind of thinks what they’re really doing is to protect her against telling her story to other people because her story is inconsistent with their story. So everything that you’re saying is so contradictory to the gospels and kind of contradictory to, you know, the basic tenets of Christianity.

TOIBIN: Well, I suppose there are two things there. One, the first, is that I’m a novelist. And my job is to imagine and to create character and there’s a long tradition of this….

You know, someone like Jose Saramago, the Portuguese novelist, has written a book called “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ,” in which Jesus has a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. So it’s not as though it has not been done before, but even if it hadn’t been done before I would have felt an absolute right as a novelist to see this character as my invention….”  Read more: here

This anti- Biblical tripe is nothing new.  The world has always been filled with those who hate God so vehemently that it consumes their existence.  We’ve had plays and movies about how Jesus was a homosexual or married a woman; that he was a myth or a fraud; we’ve had a cross cover in human urine and called ‘art’.  We’ve had numerous authors concoct books and novels full of deceit, lies and outlandish fabrications about the Son of God because they hate God, gods and religions in general.  Their god is themselves and they have no room for another.

And yet, we never see Christians in the streets committing acts of mayhem, murder and demanding a severed head of the current “infidel” — but there is a religious group that does just that.  We’re told to call them the ‘religion of peace’. . .  but I digress.

This is more junk to demean Jesus the Christ.  Foolish insults by a fool who is seeking new ways to gain personal attention and wealth — and what better format than mocking the Word of God.  A book of fiction, unless he’s attempting to make a vague point that he had an postmortem interview with Mary, which granted, Toibin wouldn’t be the first to try to sell that either.

I won’t dismiss this with making comparisons to others writing fiction, or fact about, Islam or any other religion — because there can be no other comparison between Christianity and religions.  Revealing the falsehoods, false worship, pagan connections and deceit behind ‘religions’ is one thing.  It’s good and must be done to expose where they are all wrong, offer no hope, no salvation or saving grace.  It will also bring abounding hate to the ‘exposer’. But as we know, there is a price to pay for speaking Truth.

Maybe Toibin’s next book, with be an account of Mohammad’s homosexual encounters, pillaging of children or perhaps Buddha’s relationship with goats. Then we can make a more accurate comparison.  After all, people appear to read or watch anything, and the more asinine it is, the more some show an interest.

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