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"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." Ecclesiastes 10:2

Thou Shall Not Steal As It Applies To Government


This is a topic I touched on a few weeks ago but this is a little different slant, so please continue if you’re interested.

The 8th Commandment is “Thou shall not steal” Exodus 20:15.  We, as Christians, realize this command is speaking to people, believers and non- believer alike.  Stealing is a tenant of all ‘religions’ and societies, which should be of no surprise.

But this command goes beyond speaking simply to individuals.  It correctly applies equally to government.  Governments have stolen more personal wealth from people, than any one human or gang of human beings could ever do in 3 lifetimes.

I’ve heard from professing Christians as well as non- Christians, that the Bible promotes Socialism.  This is not simply foolish ignorance.  It’s also dangerous and destructive to hold such a ridiculous idea. 

Socialism by definition is taking from the producers, those who work and have earned, and then it “redistributes” that money to non producers/ non-workers, via the government, who doles out that money to those it chooses. In current times, we refer to that as ‘corny capitalism’ — rewarding those who vote for you, donate money to you and your causes.   This is an overt evil.

But government, just as individuals, is forbidden by God to “steal” from it’s citizens.  As my favorite pastor and teacher used to say, “How many times must God (the Bible) tell us something, to make it true?”  Of course, the answer is — once.  In the case of stealing, God has made His stance clear, more than once.

This is why redistribution/ socialism/ communist, is an evil economic form of  government, forbidden by God.

Our country is now ruled by a Socialist government.  The Democrat Party transformed itself into a socialist Party some 60 or 70 years ago, even before their god of redistribution, F.D. Roosevelt.  But F.D.R. DID show them the path, which they’ve obediently followed.  The Democrats have been working for generations to get to this point in time, where the majority of power and control of money has been transferred into the hands of a few in government.  And the reason we, as a once free capitalist nation who stood for Godly principles, can no longer expect God to be able to bless this nation as He once did.

God has said that if a person wants to eat, he must work.  “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”  2 Thessalonians 3:10   That isn’t a promotion of socialism — that is a conservative principle directly from the hand of God Almighty.  Government which steals private property (money) from one person to give to another, is a government standing against God.

God doesn’t want his children to be ignorant of His will nor His commands.  This is the reason for the Bible and the reason God established His order of going to church — to be taught the Word.  Not be cheerleaders, glad handing and patting themselves on the back when an offering plate is passed around.  We are to understand all of God’s principles and that requires a learned teacher and possible, personal research and study.  We live in a nation full of resources and knowledge.  We must take responsibly to seek out Truth in all areas or we can and most likely will fall into ‘humanism’, another overt evil in the world.  We cannot close our minds to the Holy Spirit, His leading to seek out God’s knowledge and will.  The ignorant and uninformed will become victims of God’s enemy and the enemy of mankind.




“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Ecclesiastes 10:2


18 comments on “Thou Shall Not Steal As It Applies To Government

  1. unklee
    December 10, 2012

    Thanks, RP, for allowing me to comment. One last hopefully intelligent comment before I depart.

    You continue to quote the 2 Thessalonians passage as if it is the only scriptural teaching on the subject. I accept its teaching, but also recognise the many other passages I have referenced as giving us a different view on the subject. You seem not to recognise those passages, and I’m not understanding why that is.

    But perhaps you feel that you cannot accept two views on a topic. So let me give you an example of two similar views on a different topic.

    The Bible makes it starkly clear that human beings sin, fall short of God’s standards for us, which are clearly taught. As a result, we deserve punishment and death. Passages like Romans 3:23, 6:23 and many many others show us this, and I imagine you understand agree with this. But parallel to these teachings are the teachings that say that God is willing to look past our sin and offer forgiveness and grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We deserve one thing but receive another by grace.

    I suggest to you that it is the same here. God gives us a requirement to work for our living. But he also recognises that (1) many cannot work, through no fault of their own, and (2) grace should be extended to people who are suffering.

    I suggest your continual quoting of the 2 Thessalonians passage, and ignoring of the other passages, misses the point on two counts. (1) It ignores the fact that many “small” people trapped in systems they cannot control, sometimes the victim of big business going broke, sometimes the victims of their own upbringing. They need, and deserve help. (2) And even those who you think don’t deserve it nevertheless should receive grace. I don’t suggest grace should be limitless or foolish, but I suggest God requires it of us, as the verses I have quoted show.

    Jesus told a parable about grace and forgiveness in Matthew 18:21-35. We ignore it at our peril. I hope you are able to adopt a more grace-filled and Jesus-honouring attitude to the poor.

    Thanks again for the opportunity, I will now leave you in peace.


  2. RightyPunditry
    December 11, 2012

    The is no need, nor do I, “ignore” other passages… most of which are speaking to believers, directed at helping OTHER believers. But in any case, there is nothing in the Bible nor does ever God to government to “take” from workers what they have earned and “redistribute” to another… for any reason. In fact, as 2 Thes. makes clear, that is an evil in God’s sight.

    You can have your view and I must disagree with your interpretation. The Bible, God’s Word to us, is very clear when going through the Holy Spirit and turned into ‘ epignosis’ in our soul.. No worky, no foody – that gets people off their butts and looking for work to feed themselves. Way too many people (the last 20 -30 yr) are comfortable living off of others work (forbidden by God) by welfare, years or more of unemployment. It’s that simple to understand. Many time we must take jobs which are “beneath us” to feed ourselves.

    Forgives has nothing to do with disregarding God’s Word or to twisting it into much ‘touchy feely’, look how good I am to give to the poor as phony “works”.

    I don’t know how you bring forgiveness into a discussion on laziness and His instructions to care for ourselves. I don’t know about your church, but we have food assistance at ours for those in need (whoever they are). Prayer, food, clothing . . . but this is never to be done by GOVERNMENT.
    You don’t seem to understand we do give to those in need around the world, more than any country in the world – not via gov. taking our money to hand over to ‘terrorist’ nations (another evil) but by individuals and groups. Baptist Men’s Groups, etc…..which is the way it should be, and is done.


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