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Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Gun Fire

Walmart shoppers on “Black Friday”

We’re all fairly accustomed to watching the insanity of “Black Friday” shoppers (I’m waiting to be told the term “Black Friday” has now been condemned as ‘racist’, but until then…..), hurling themselves through open doors of Walmart and other establishments hoping to rack up extra savings on gadgets and whatnots.  These eager shoppers charge through the stores in hopes of saving $15, faster than a duck chasing a June bug.  Both shoppers and workers are putting their lives in the hands of others to participate in this new rather and ridiculous tradition.

It was only a year or two ago that someone died in Texas, as Walmart shoppers literally crushed him to death in their lust to get a discounted whatsit.  Now instead of tidings of good cheer, we’re hearing “get the bleep outa my way you bleep!”.  And Merry Christmas to you, too.

These outburst of over enthusiasm aren’t the fault of Walmart nor other ‘greedy profiteers’.  Christmas itself certainly isn’t to blame.  There was a time many decades ago, when people were happy to receive a peppermint stick or a flesh orange in our stocking.  But no more.  The problem with all this mayhem is of course — people.

People have always been easily overtaken with greed.  It’s part of our (sinful) ‘human nature’, which is always on the lookout for itself, it’s needs, wants and self propagation.  But I do believe in the 21st century, we’ve taken it to new heights.

I’ve never been one to partake in the early morning shenanigans of “Black Friday”.  I suppose there are those who have an enjoyable time being part of the shopping and gayety of “Black Friday” (the name itself is enough to keep me way.  Like the creature from the black lagoon… just doesn’t sound tempting.).  Many of these folks no doubt have a good time with family or friends — but did anyone count on gunfire? Fist fights? Being trampled, screamed at or arrested by the cops over a piece of merchandise or a place in a check out line?

It’s a despicable display of selfishness and greed, to which the world has never seen before.  Obviously, these people have no shame and must be members of the 99% Entitlement Minded folks we saw in the Occupy Movement.  A flat screen TV isn’t worth getting mauled over.  Whatever these people feel they must have at any cost, even the lives and well-being of other humans, will be forget about in 11 months.

Dickens “Christmas Carol” ghost of Christmas future

Christmas now begins in October . . .  well before Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is now the step child of Christmas Future and more commonly referred to as — “turkey day”.  Not a day of offer thanks to God for all we have.  Not even this President makes a pretense of that . . . . and no one seemed to notice or even care.

Christmas is simply a shopping-palooza.  Or more correctly — ‘giveme-palooza’, where all our wants and wishes are to come true.  It’s tacky and tawdry and I’m sickened by it.  But not nearly as much as the Lord must be.  We supposedly (cough cough) ‘celebrate’ to remember HIS birth — not ours.  And certainly not Santa Claus’s.  And shockingly, neither reindeer or dwarfs welcomed the Lord at His birth.

Our Lord’s birth

We’ve lost our way.  Greed has won the day and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  The Lord isn’t surprised by our behavior and one reason He would not endorse a celebration of His birth or death. . . . or resurrection.  These are things to be done between us and Him as individuals and with members of our church.  I know some of that still goes on — but we don’t hear that much about it anymore.  Just how much money is being spent and it’s effect on the economy.

The true ‘meaning’ of Christmas, if there is one, won’t be found at “Black Friday” sales or on a Blue Light Special deal of the hour.  It’s found only within us as individuals. And there is shall be define.


2 comments on “Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Gun Fire

  1. justturnright
    November 26, 2012

    I can remind myself of the true meaning of Christmas any time: just watch Linus’ speech towards the end of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.
    Almost as easy as a prayer, plus you get great music.

    As long as we (as believers) keep the focus on Christ during Christmas, no amount of commercialization, glitz, and gimme-gimme-ing will change it.

    And no, I don’t do Black Friday, either. Don’t much care for crowds, and I’d be ready for the Rubber Room after about 5 minutes.


  2. RightyPunditry
    November 27, 2012

    There has been a growing lack of respect for other peoples beliefs, in particular that of Christians. But the last 40 …. 60 years (?) has been an ever increasing lack of tolerance – ignoring is what Christmas is to mean (the Lord coming to earth in the form of man to redeem the lost), we not have now contempt for ‘religion’ and don’t want to be bothered. Even those calling themselves Christians, don’t want to be bothered by attending church. It’s Santa and “I wants”. A government who refuses to recognize God and give Him respect, much less a word of “thanks- be- to…” and generations of people simply seeking things.
    Praise God for His soon return.


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