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WARNING: Before Going To The Airport Check Your Watches And Shoe Inserts!

American arrested for having a “strange watch” and wearing lose shoe inserts?

McGann, a graphic artist working in the advertising and non-profit fields, was questioned, arrested and held for two days for the crime of wearing weird objects, or specifically a “strange watch.”

You may have heard of his Nov. 15 ordeal at LAX airport when the highly trained staff took umbrage at McGann’s watch. Taking a second look is understandable, as he had added extra springs, fuses and mechanical pieces, none of them workable or connected, as I understand.

After a bomb squad determined there was no danger or explosives, this should have been enough in a sane land to get him absolved, but the pit bulls had tasted blood and wanted more meat – so they started in on his clothing and shoes. A military style shirt and roomy boots with more than one insole can only mean one thing; deuterium-laced footpads with spontaneously induced nuclear fusion. Remember, you heard it here first…….

Every oppressive regime since Babylon restricted or removed freedom of expression if it threatened their power or projects. Socrates was forced to drink poison in 399 B.C. for “corrupting” youth and failing to give due attention to state-sponsored gods. Hitler banned Gothic or blackletter typefaces in 1941, claiming they looked too “Jewish.” Under the Khmer Rouge failure to wear black clothing brought a death sentence, as did the crime of appearing intellectual in Maoist China.”  here

Only Democrats find terrorist were there are none and allow real and prospective terrorist to freely (and rather easily) enter our country at will, via our Southern borders.  Water and shampoo are highly suspect items not to be allowed during travel flights and now no doubt, shoe inserts and blossomy brassieres will soon be “Not So Fast, Buddy!” list.  Given the lengths our TSA security maulings go to, finding anything hidden in a brassier is likely to be quickly be spotted.

Oppression isn’t new.  It’s been around as long as governments, leaders and those wielding thick, tree branches discovered those branches could be used for ill.

But it’s still hard to accept that America has crossed into that world of darkness, where liberty has so readily given over to the false mantra of security and safety, doled out by ‘government officials’.  “We’re from the government and we’re here to help” is still a frightening phrase, especially to Jews who survived Hitler’s Holocaust.

This is what the majority of the voters, voted for (whether they realized it or not), so we must all suffer.  But we don’t have to suffer in silence — well, at least not yet.  We don’t know precisely how long it’ll be before that government that’s here to help, will shut down the Internet in light of “safety” concerns or “civility” (which Liberals love to promote over godliness).  And we all know by now, “civility” and “hate speech” as defined by Liberal Democrats, is only propagated by the Right side of politics. We’re the ones who uses those banned harsh terms and remain ‘politically incorrect’.  Long live Politically Incorrect.


2 comments on “WARNING: Before Going To The Airport Check Your Watches And Shoe Inserts!

  1. justturnright
    November 23, 2012

    The TSA is a joke: goodness knows I’ve written about them enough myself.
    I’ve been pulled out of line by TSA more than once and, yeah, I’m not exactly swarthy in complexion.

    If they’d just use the methodology of El Al, we wouldn’t have these problems….


  2. RightyPunditry
    November 24, 2012

    It certainly is a joke… a fraud. Does little to anything regarding real protection… I won’t fly under those circumstance.


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