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Arrested For Tweeting, Texting, Facebooking And Emailing “Offensive” Speech … As Defined By Liberals

One teenager made offensive comments about a murdered child on Twitter. Another young man wrote on Facebook that British soldiers should “go to hell.” A third posted a picture of a burning paper poppy, symbol of remembrance of war dead.

All were arrested, two convicted, and one jailed — and they’re not the only ones. In Britain, hundreds of people are prosecuted each year for posts, tweets, texts and emails deemed menacing, indecent, offensive or obscene, and the number is growing as our online lives expand.”   here

This happened in Great Brittian…. but after reading the article I could just imagine how tweetingly excited these sorts of arrest and prosecutions would provide our so easily offended Democrats.  Offended by anything and everything any Conservative has to say, that is.  Ed Schultz, Bill Matthews, and the demented crowd at MSNBS can, does and has made the most foul, demeaning insults about conservatives (especially the women) with little if any consequences.  Nary a Liberal eyebrow is ever lifted at Liberal rants.

We get lectured to by Hussein O. over “civility” (which we know is directed at Republicans/ Conservatives) while his campaign carries on with vicious, unbelievable lies about his opponents (all of them since he started running for office).  He also called patriotic Americans “teabaggers” as he preached his “civility” rant.  Yet it’s only Repubs and Cons that are constantly scolded for offensive speech.

Democrats are just itching to make some speech illegal.  And seeing that Obama has stepped on and over the Constitution multiple times and seeing that our pathetic Supreme Court acts anything but in a supreme fashion, by allowing our tyrannical leader to force Obamacare on American, we may have no recourse.  If Obama decides tomorrow to crack down on free speech (for a certain segement… Conservatives) what’s to stand in his way?  Not many of the weak- kneened, wimpy House Republicans.  Certainly Justice Roberts can’t be expected to hold up the Law of the land.

Obama bragged about his freedom to be ‘less restrained’ after the election.  We’ll have to watch and see how less he’ll be — but nothing is out of the realm of possibilities for this man.  His disdain for the Constitution is only out weighted by his hatred for half the country.  The Conservative half — and our use of “free speech”.


3 comments on “Arrested For Tweeting, Texting, Facebooking And Emailing “Offensive” Speech … As Defined By Liberals

  1. Invisible Mikey
    November 17, 2012

    It is true that the UK doesn’t have the same boundaries about freedom of speech that we have in the USA regarding text or print. They probably have more in designated public areas like Speaker’s Corner in London. I’m not easily offended, but Twitter seems like such an easy outlet if you want to publish repugnant statements anonymously. I never read it.


    • RightyPunditry
      November 17, 2012

      You’re right of course… being ‘anonymous’ gives some people a free run on vulgarity and personal assaults. But that’s a lack of personal morals and something not solved by government. We lost respect for civil discourse. I don’t like it — but I don’t like government interference and controlling people even more.


  2. Marno
    November 17, 2012

    Well I too am against the war. In fact I … just a moment. There’s a knock at my door. Be right back…


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