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Impeach Obama Gains More Signatures — Now If We Could Get Only 200,000 Million More

  • With national attention focused on a long list of petitions asking the Obama administration for permission to secede from the United States, a little-watched petition to impeach the president has crept up in the rankings on the White House’s “We the People” petition Web page.

“We request that Barack Obama be impeached,” the petition reads. Launched on Nov. 11, it collected 28,850 digital signatures from all 50 states in five days. The White House has promised to review petitions that attract more than 25,000 such signatures.

The petition’s creator, identified only as “Stephen M” — the website does not provide last names — based the proposal on complaints about the president’s health care law, his declaration of war on Libya without congressional consent, the appointment of unelected policy “czars” in the  White House….”   Read more: here

All this transpiring while the wimps in House concoct ways to agree and work with our Marxist President.  So full of themselves and so blind to what’s going on — all they can muster is the same old, tired ways if attempting to appease and impress a liberal, biased media and Socialist Democrats, who will continue to give them the finger of discontent.

The nation is lost and unfortunately, it gave up with little more than a whimper and a whine…. out done by the greedy, “bitter clingers” of the Left, who want more and more of what they’ve decided they ‘deserve’.

Our founders were correct.  We held on to this Republican probably longer than they imaged, but when voters realize they could vote themselves access to what others rightfully owned, all was lost.

Rest in peace, great nation.  And may God one day, be able to bless you again.

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  1. Shemp Howard
    November 20, 2012

    Where is this website?


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