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An Open Letter To Michael Barone: Winning At Any Cost Is Not Winning

Barone said the tea party’s influence on the Republican party prevented the GOP from taking control away from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The tea party, he said, “brings some talented people into politics — think of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson for example — but it also brings some wackos and weirdos and witches, and we put too many of them on the ticket.”
Barone recommended that Republicans choose candidates who do not make “unforced errors” because America does not have a “fair” press.”   Read more: here

‘Big Mouth Barone’, I recommended you find another line of work… or critiquing.  We, the true Conservatives of this country, the only people actually interested in retaining and regaining America’s greatness and values, or more than sickened and weary of ‘big mouths’ from the elite Republican intelligentsia, siding with the Corruptocrats (aka Democrats party) and the elite, corrupt liberal news media types, all telling us, what they believe is wrong with our people, our idea, our choices, and our beliefs.  We’re not wrong.  You are.

Whatever misstatements and ill conceived wording a few on the Conservative side said or might have said, they were by far, superior candidates to the socialist, moderates (liberals) and anti-Americans we’re trying to unseat on the Demo side of the Congress — and Presidency!

Joe Biden, the Demo’s excuse for a Vice President, is a buffoonish fool, forever insulting people, races and nationalities with his “weirdo” and “wacko” comments.  Barack Hussein Obama who refuses to allow Conservatives to even mention his middle name, is a far Left Marxist, who has no (legitimate) right to be heading any country…. other than Cuba.  And yet you and your snotty, elitist buddies, have crowned yourselves to be much smarter and wiser than ordinary Americans and continue to tell us who nominate?  You chose John McCain; you chose Mitt Romney.  We know how well that went.

Where was the Republican support for any of the  candidates you maligned?  For Michelle Bachmann when she was fighting for money to retain her office?  NO where, is where — and we realize it!

You sit in your ivory towers and preach via telephone interviews, what disdain you feel for Tea Party candidates.  How about joining the fight for America instead of finding fault with Americans?  Anyone of the candidates you mentioned would have done a more admirable job and stood for conservative principles, far more than any of the socialist democrats who won, in part, you fools like yourself and the elites in the RNC who chose not to support Tea Party candidates with words, deeds nor money.

The Tea Party, it’s supporters, workers and candidates are NOT THE PROBLEM.  The problem lies in the corrupt people within in government and those wishing to continue alone the “moderate” path to self destruction.  Winning at any cost is not winning.  It’s simply switching sides every few years — which is what got America into this crisis of being control by the real “bitter clingers” – Liberals Socialist.

So either get on board or board a ship to somewhere else.  Go speak for the Democrats or “moderates” and leave Conservatives alone to fix our broken nation.  If you don’t have the foresight to stand on the side of what’s Right for American — go stand in the middle of “can’t we all be moderately OK with Liberalism”.   You won’t be alone.  You also won’t be correct.


2 comments on “An Open Letter To Michael Barone: Winning At Any Cost Is Not Winning

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    November 14, 2012

    Mr. Barone is just demonstrating, once again, how insanity works: if you don’t succeed at something that is a proven failure (ba.sed on a history of past results), then try, try again.

    Earth to Barone: Mittens™ was a moderate just like John McLame. Both were establishment picks. Both lost. You’ve had your chance to prove your point and you lost. Twice. Time for something different since RINOs aren’t the answer.


  2. RightyPunditry
    November 14, 2012

    and amen


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