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"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." Ecclesiastes 10:2

Moving To The Left At The Speed Of A Democrat Give- Away Program

I’ve listened to quite a few elite, inside- the- beltway, establishment Republicans and their ‘how do we win’ discourse, the last few days.  Some I’ve respected a good deal in the past . . . but, these oh- so- smart New York and D.C folks are simply all wrong.  Their answer, as I predicted (as many predicted) is to move more to the Center, meaning Left of Center.  To become Democrats, embracing amnesty for illegals, abortions, to give a big political hug to “gay marriage” and ultimately — to become liberal democrats.

The problem is, none of those are conservative principles, and there lies the problem.  Conservatives don’t want to become Liberals to just win elections.  And the Republican base, the core, the people who put these Congressman, Senators and Presidents into office hold principled positions.  These people are opposed to all of those Leftist ideas.  We still respect the Constitutional, our founding documents and respect and regard for ethical, honest standards in government and it’s officials.  In other words, the elite, inside- the- beltway Progressive Republicans are willing to forsake principles to win. And they still won’t win.

The Socialist Democrat Party is comprised of the greedy, wringing their greedy little sad- sack hands individuals, who are eager for ‘government’  to steal from some . . .  to give unto themselves, in some political- religious right.  Their core constituents are ignorant and stupid individuals, by choice.  It makes no difference whether they come from some backwards, 3rd world county or graduate with 4 degrees from Harvard — they’re stupid people.  Democrats must have an ever growing sub- class of ignorant malcontents to keep their hold on this country.  The reason democrats are against voter ID and closing our borders.

If Republicans came out with an amnesty bill tomorrow – making every illegal here a legal citizen. . . . but attached to the bill, a requirement that disallowed voting for 25 or 30 years, the Democrats would be scream, wailing and throw vulgar, racist insults around, just as usual.  It’s not amnesty they care about — it’s stupid, selfish voters.  They must continue to have the poor and uneducated/ ill- educated to keep themselves in power.

I have real concerns that the GOP is no longer The Grand Old Party, just simply a political power seeking wins at any cost.

Our country has lost its moral fabric, it’s desire for the ethical and honest.  It’s lost respect for the aging, wise men of the country, it has growing contempt for the unborn, has lost it’s shame of the immoral and corrupt and relishes disdain for God, godly values and those who hold to both.

This is the ‘new’ ObamAmerica’ – one of control, hate for founding principles and concepts, rejecting all we once held dear and sacred.  Our Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves, but they knew once day we would be here: lost as a nation and more likely than not, lost forever.



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