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Divided We Stand And Stand We Will

Fighting not so bravely, not so gallantly and not so strongly through the depression that is the reelection of the worst man to hold the office of President in my life time (I hear Woodrow Wilson was a nasty, liberal racist, but after all, he was a Liberal Democrat), I’ve forced myself to listen to a few talking mouths today.  Most are positive or trying to be positive: keep fighting for what’s right …  and we know what’s right.  But what struck a cord is, “Yes, Virgina, we are a divided country”.

It seem to be apparent that we are divided.  The fear that too many Americans have grown more compliment and lazy.  They gobbled the pathetic “hope and change” mantra 4 years ago.  Empty rhetoric spewed by an empty man with a hard Left agenda.  Ten second campaign ads were about all the majority could be bothered to accept, like pablum shoved down the gaping mouth of a baby.  All they had to do was swallow and see what else was on the spoon — “fee” health care?  Goody goody.  “Fee” birth control?  More gooder.  “Free” amnesty to illegals?  Well, OK, why not — I have my stuff.

Americans, our neighbor, who are too involved in Face Book to care all that much about “just another election”… (yawn).  Too attached to Tweeting and Jersey Shore bimbos to be intellectually involved in the direction of a country (yawn yawn).  Well, yes, how much could it change, after all?  The satellite dish is still working and so it my Iphone.  And so many more of those ignorant and downright stupid people, who desire that taxpayers pay for their birth control, food, housing and that they give them a return tax from Uncle Same for taxes never paid in the first place!

The greatest fear, the worst worry, the problematic problem is our country has changed — for the worst.  Decades of poor education, where passing kids along was the goal.  Having empathy for PETA, took president over long division. “Black history month” was more important than learning the Constitution.  “Cultural diversity” was highland before speaking correct English grammar.  From kindergarten throughout many colleges and University, liberalism is fed as fact and the Constitution as an irrelevant, old document written by irrelevant, old white men.  And after all, people are so busy — so many Tweets, so little time.

Handouts are reaching almost the majority of citizen…. and non citizens.  Priorities are no longer morality, truthfulness, honesty, integrity and family.  This is the same country that keep a perjurer, adulterer and establish immoral, unethical Bill Clinton in office and just said, ‘Oh well, I have mine and people do screw up… and around, don’t they?’

Yes, we’re a divided country.  Divided by those who see what’s Right, correct, moral, Godly ethical and chose to live by that standard.  Divided against those who don’t care about what’s right, correct, embrace immorality, ungodliness, the unethical and crooked… and embrace that as ‘Who’s to judge ME?!’ attitude.

We have an Republican establishment who will, in a desire to win (ha ha) will want to move further to the Left, further away from the Right, from the right, moral and ethical – to becoming the old Democrat Party.  Just to win a national election.  The same Republican Party establishment types, who turn from the “religious right” more often than the radical Left. These are the people who told us John McCain, the left leaning ‘moderate’ was the way to go.  The same people who told us Mitt Romney, the moderate trying to play a conservative, was the only person to beat Obama.

How’d that work out?

I won’t, can’t, change my values, morals, ethics and respect for Godly values just to appease the immoral who rebuke it.

This is what we hear, have been hearing, from the “moderate” (liberals without conviction), RINO’s, weak Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Progressive and Socialist.  The Republican Party is not my Party and hasn’t been for a long time.  I don’t have a political Party — I have convictions.  I’ve watched the Republicans force ‘moderate’ weaklings on me and this nation for years.  They are as big a problem as the Socialist Democrats who are so vile and anti-American — and proud of it.

The weak, immoral, unethical and un-American, have given us Barack Hussein Obama.  America will still be here sitting under Canada and above South America, but she, as Europe, as all great nations of the world is likely to now quickly become just another socialist controlled country where those in charge will tell all others who, who what where and when.

And I, as with many, will be divided with what I see holding political office.  I will stay divided against what I know to be wrong.  Divided we will stand, as we stand for what made American a great nation.  Our numbers might be small, might dwindle away until we die off — but those left in the wake of this election, will one day ask, “What happened to America?” and no one might be around to tell them:  YOU did it to yourself.

“You can’t fix Stupid and sadly for America, Stupid votes”


5 comments on “Divided We Stand And Stand We Will

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    November 7, 2012

    When the freeloader O’Dongo supporters finally realize that the hard working Americans — those who are left — are not going to pay higher taxes on their behalf for obamafones, food stamps and birth control, then maybe it’s high time they start paying their fair share.


    • RightyPunditry
      November 7, 2012

      They’ll never see nor understand that… these are stupid, greedy people, which has become clear. They want to ‘steal from those that have’ and put in their own pot. They’ll riot in the street (as in Greece) and demand their free goodies. These are dark days which will become much darker.


      • Sembawang Bolo
        November 7, 2012

        It’s really heading towards a civil war. Coexisting with lazy, slothful takers is becoming less of an option as it’s not sustainable, nor is it in the best interest of the country.


      • RightyPunditry
        November 8, 2012

        yeah! Have you seen what’s going on in Greece? NO money and ppl are rioting for their entitlements…. so disgusting.


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