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“Those Who Despise (Romney) With A Passion So Raw And Burning It Is Hard To Comprehend — Will Be Breathtaking And Perhaps Not A Little Scary””

New York magazine, political writer John Heilemann:

“That Romney and his people have not yet completely wrapped their heads and hearts around this is unsurprising: In politics as in life, the recognition of deep loss comes slowly and with no small degree of anguish before it takes hold fully. But, eventually, take hold it does. And if loss is to be Romney’s fate, the question for him will be how handles it, for the ferocity of the reaction of many of his supporters — those who despise Obama with a passion so raw and burning it is hard to comprehend — will be breathtaking, and perhaps not a little scary.”  Read more: here

Liberals always telegraph (not to be confused with ‘teleprompter’) who they are and what they will do.  Just as here, Heilemann is attempting to predict the ill- content which Republicans have not displayed  — he is telling us precisely what Liberal/ Democrats will be doing.  And are doing.

Perhaps he took a clue from Obama and his “revenge” comment, the “ferocity” against Romney and Conservatives, will be display with “a passion so raw and burning it is hard to comprehend — will be breathtaking, and perhaps not a little scary.”  That is who the sour losers of the Socialist Democrat Party are.

These ‘deadenders’ will, as usual, propagate: voter fraud, racism, stupidity and the evils of “white male conservative men” (here ) should their petty man- child, Barack Hussein Obama, lose this election.

Liberals are a one trick pony, beating said pony to death (where’s PETA when you need them?) over and over again.


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