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Will Michelle Obama Be The Next “View” To View?

 Even if Obama loses next week, the media goo machine will keep cranking away. The new TV Guide is already speculating: “Will Michelle Obama Be the Next Oprah?” Writer Stephen Battaglio imagines what a star she could become (if her husband loses).

She could be bigger than Oprah? “Michelle Obama is such an appealing TV presence that if she and her husband find themselves moving out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she’ll have the opportunity to make the transition from high-profile engaging talk-show guest to high-profile talk-show host – arguably the biggest ever in terms of recognition.” Experts agree, like a former CNN president”   Read more: here

That could be the death to any network who’s survival depends on rating . . . but on the other hand, their are leftist hacks who drool over The View and the nails- on- blackboard (not intended to the a “racist” term) squawking that transpires.  I suppose it’s easier to listen to babble than to think.

Michelle can go back to Chicago or Obama’s “home country, Kenya”, and plant another garden.  She’ll still be able to afford to pay other people to tend it for her (wink wink).  Or she could get another phony job which pays her $300,000 a year for not showing up (cushy must be nice).  Or she could spend more time shopping and vacationing, although ex-‘dear leader’ will have to pay for that himself.

Michell “Not- Proud- Of- Her- Country- Before” Obama is a one trick pony.  I’ve seen the trick and wasn’t impressed.  Honestly, she lost me with her snide ‘not proud of America’  comment — if she hadn’t found something to be proud of America for, by the time she was 44 years old, to heck with her.

Michelle Obama, where no lobster is safe

She might become a host on The View or her own (silly) talk show.  She’d be able to correct an Olympic gymnast medal winner for daring admit she went to McDonald’s or demean restaurant owners who don’t comply with her anti- salt, anti- fat, anti- portion, anti- caloric, anti- whatever- this- week views.  I won’t turning her on.  I’ve heard enough from the ‘Let Them At Lobster’ Michelle Obama to last 2 lifetimes.



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