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New Book From Democrat Staffer: V P Joe Biden Not The “Nice Guy” He Pretends To Be

Put a “D” after that candidate’s name, even when he’s still the sitting vice president, and it gets almost no attention. That’s the case with Jeff Connaughton, “a Biden Senate staffer turned lobbyist” who just published a book called “The Payoff” that Politico says “lacerates” the vice president.

Politico quoted from the book saying Biden was an “egomaniacal autocrat” “determined to manage his staff through fear.” Pretty strong stuff, landing just at the peak of a presidential campaign. Most not inside the Beltway might even call it “news.”

But it’s also been strongly ignored by the news media, forever chasing after Republican scandals. In this case, only a handful of outlets have covered it including Politico, The Washington Post and Al Gore’s ever-more-obscure Current TV.

So much for bad stories about the VP just before election, including one where “Biden revealed that he had been upbraided by an angry Obama.” Yet, these are exactly the kind of stories the news media would call game changers, which makes one wonder why this book is getting no ink.Read more: here

Absolutely shocking . . .  the American “news media” ignoring bad news and unpleasant stories involving Democrats?  Who knew an unbiased press could be involved in such corrupt behavior?!

Honestly, it’s no longer surprising at all — the American “news media” is still reeling from being forced to cover the Clinton escapades of adultery, rape, assault and perjury(most of which was ignored as they followed the Democrat ‘talking points’ that it was all about “private sex between two adults” and no ones business.  Yeah right).

Joe Biden isn’t the “nice” guy we’re told he is.  Nor is Barack Obama.  “Nice” guys don’t continually lie to and about others.  They aren’t continually involved in character assassination of their political opponents.  But if you’re not a person to get involved and seek out authentic coverage on a political figure, you might never know, nor care to know, the person you voted for as a skank, unworthy to hold office for a list of reasons.

I won’t bother reading the book — there’s only so much I need to know about these obtuse politicians who run their mouths in one direction while sticking their hands into our back pockets.  Their day will come for accountability. If not this life, then the next one.  In the mean time, we should be more serious about the people with place in office.  They’re the ones making decision we more than likely, will not approve of.



2 comments on “New Book From Democrat Staffer: V P Joe Biden Not The “Nice Guy” He Pretends To Be

  1. justturnright
    October 29, 2012

    No surprise, RP. Everyone knows what sort of guy Biden is after his insulting behavior in the VP debate.

    Good riddance to both him and his buddy next week….


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