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Barack Obama: Polarizing America Along Racial Lines Or Ideology?

The 2012 election is shaping up to be more polarized along racial lines than any presidential contest since 1988, with President Obama lagging behind Republican Mitt Romney among white voters by 21 percentage points, a steep drop in support from four years ago.

……. among whites, Obama is currently doing much worse than he did in 2008. At this stage four years ago, Obama trailed Republican John McCain by eight percentage points among white voters. Even in victory, Obama ended up losing white voters by 12 percentage points. here

Obama has lost “white voters” — but not for the reason of race which Liberals eagerly jump to assume.  It’s not racism.  Otherwise all those white voters who have now turned from Obama, must have been ‘racist’ when they voted for him.  Who changes into a racist in 4 years?

Obama was sold to America as a “post- racial” man who would “bring America together”; “no more red states and blue states, but the United States”, was what Obama said.  A cute, feel good quote but it, like Barack himself, was a fraud.  Obama learned well from his mentors (communist and radicals like the despicable Saul Alinsky and convicted terrorist Bill Ayers) how to fool the public and hide his agenda.  He succeeded –and the reason Limbaugh said, “I hope he fails”.  I hoped too.  But not for Obama’s sanctimonious ‘hopey- changey’ blatherings – but that he’d fail in his agenda: to deconstruction America as founded and mold into a less perfect Union of socialized, government control.  He’s been successful at that, thus far. But he’s also lost much of his support, grandeur and “messiah” qualities.  He’s a bitter, angry, petty man, which has also come into focus for the majority, over the past 4 long years.

You cannot blame “white people” for not voting for and no longer supporting Barack Hussein Obama.  You must take into account the less politically aware, who heard flowing, “articular” words and thought, ‘how nice!’.  You must take into account the voter who chose to vote for the black man because that appeared to be ‘nice!’.  These voters have finally ‘smelled the rose’ and discover the rose was actually stink weed.

But the country no longer endorses the direction Obama is taking it.  For good reason.  Not to re-harsh the previously ‘hashed’, but Obama’s policies are destructive and simply bad, bad, bad.  Government, like an individual, can’t spend itself out of indebtedness.  Bush and the Republicans had some bad spending habits which Obama tripled down on and then irresponsibly blamed on Bush and the Republicans.  How manly.

The press will continue to cover up and lie for Obama — not ask hard questions.  At least he hasn’t been asked, “What do you prefer, boxers or briefs?”, but it could be coming.  Even the “Obama girl” has disenfranchised herself from Obama and is looking to (stalk) Romney.  The Benghazi debacle is a tremendous blow to America, Americans, our security and world respectability.  It’s another Obama failure. And little Barack doesn’t even speak of it, unless forced to on a debate stage.

Obama is a fraud.  A neatly wrapped bill of goods he (and the corrupt, compliant media) sold America.  I can’t help but feel that those who voted for him in ignorance or out of niceties, should be held accountable for believing in the bilge he was selling.  I believe in accountability . . . as well as redemption.  Conservatives did a bang up job of exposing Obama in 2007 and 2008, and too many people chose not to hear.  They regret their vote for this man… and now is their time for redemption.

Vote him out, along with every Democrat in office, who’ve proved their nothing more than loyal Obamabots, forcing “obamacare” on our new ‘obamanation’ of a country.  We want out from under this ‘obamanation’ and back into the United States of America, where personal choice, liberty and freedom are the keys to success.  Not massive government regulations and controls.  We want our 32 oz soft drink cups; we want jobs; we want economic success and national safety — and we want out from under Barack Hussein Obama and his thuggish, unconstitutional, irresponsible ways.

Most Americans won’t be voting along “racial lines” with hardened “racist” imaginings. Those are bitter talking points, thrown out by the real “bitter clingers” — Liberals who hate their enemy, Republicans and Conservatives, with a bitter vengeance.   Voters will be voting in real “hope and change” to change the path of American back to exceptionalism, prosperity and personal liberty.



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