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“Obama Stalls EPA Regulations Until After Election”

“The Obama-EPA plans to move full speed ahead to implement this agenda if President Obama wins a second term.  These rules taken together will inevitably result in the elimination of millions of American jobs, drive up the price of gas at the pump even more, impose construction bans on local communities and essentially shut down American oil, natural gas and coal production.” Sen. James Inhofe (R)

Citing a few of the president’s “job killing” regulations:

President Obama has spent the past year punting on a slew of job-killing EPA regulations that will destroy millions of American jobs and cause energy prices to skyrocket even more. From greenhouse gas regulations to water guidance to the tightening of the ozone standard, the Obama-EPA has delayed the implementation of rule after rule because they don’t want all those pink slips and price spikes to hit until after the election. But President Obama’s former climate czar Carol Browner was very clear about what’s in store for next year: she told several green groups not to worry because President Obama has a big green ‘to-do’ list for 2013 so they’ll get what they want. The radical environmental left may not need to worry but what about hard working Americans who will lose their jobs and be subjected to skyrocketing energy prices thanks to the Obama-EPA?” here

There are plenty of people (the vast majority being on the Left) who swoon and sigh at the thought of more government regulations, as if they were manna handed down from above.  They have a tilted, leftist view that companies, corporation and industries are the real “enemy” of Americans, which must be controlled (regulated) by our benevolent government. The propaganda is that government is much smarter and kinder, than any of these (evil) companies, corporation and industries.  They choose to believe that job creators are ‘greedy SOBs’ existing to take advantage of and steal the wealth from the poor, ignorant slobs working for them.  They rarely see the “greedy SOBs” working within the government — of course and unless, they happen to wear an “R”.

The EPA, under the reign of Barack Hussein Obama, is acting as if it were the 4th Branch of government.  Obama and his Obamabots, czars and department heads, have taken over the EPA like a swarm of rats on a caucus.  They have done, and will continue to do, what our Congress said NO to and no uncertain terms:  Cape and Trade and implementing the worst, punishing regulations this nation has seen.  Inhofe is correct: it will kill jobs and halt any small job growth our economy as struggle to attain.

Too many people, those who chose to absorb Liberal talking points without applying ‘critical thinking’, bought into the phony and absolutely fraudulent idea of “global warming/ climate change”.  There is no proof or reliable evidence it exist;  there is evidence of fraudulent proceedings and less than factual reporters.   In fact, there can be no “scientific evidence” of it’s existence — it’s a political agenda which has been floated around by Leftist since the early 1970’s. The gullibility of these sorts of people, who are so eager to believe car fumes and plastic bags are destroying the world, has brought us to the cliff of economic despair as a nation.

The EPA has no authority to do most of what they do — except by the authority of one man, Obama, who’s agenda isn’t to preserve and grow American.  Obama’s agenda is to redistribution our wealth, resources, and great abilities to sustain ourselves, to 3rd world countries, still controlled by fascist Dictators.  His “articulate”, flowing speeches” (filled with ‘uuhs, umms,  ‘ers” and I’s”, interjected with stupid quotes of “corpsman” as “corpse man” and speaking of “57 states”) never get around to his real agenda.  And never will.   Liberals could never be elected in this country, were they to speak the truth, instead of grandiose propaganda.

These regulations will go forward, even if Obama looses.  It will be another hurtle for Congress or the Courts to overcome.  Time wasted that this country doesn’t have to waste.

Write your Representatives.  Pressure them to speak out against the EPA, stop Obama, uncover his agenda and vote this man out of office.  http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

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  1. saneromeo
    October 25, 2012

    I call em autoObamatons…


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