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U.N. Attempts To ‘Horn In’ On Texas Voters And Is Shown The Door

Texas Warns UN Affiliates Monitoring U.S. Election of Prosecution Risk

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sent a strongly worded letter warning United Nations-affiliated “elections monitors” that if they fail to obey state law by going in or even near a polling place, the UN-linked observers risk criminal prosecution and serious penalties. The international observers, he added, have absolutely no jurisdiction to interfere with voting in the Lone Star State.

The UN partner known as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) came under fierce criticism across the country in recent days after it announced plans to deploy “elections monitors” throughout the United States to observe the November election. Among other efforts, the international observers are being charged with seeking out conservative groups and jurisdictions allegedly engaged in “voter suppression” activities. Mostly, analysts say, the supposed concerns are about voter ID laws.   here

There are many times to be proud of Texas, after all, it is TEXAS.  But today, I send a special God bless and thanks to our Attorney General, Greg Abbott.  A man who has proved he’s more than capable of doing his job.

This little ‘scheme’, goes alone with Obama’s scheme to sue Texas and other states for implementing Voter ID Laws to ensure every vote is legal  . . . and made by an American citizen.  The Supreme Court has also agreed — and so, Barack Obama ushers in thugs from the U.N. to “oversee” OUR VOTING?!  No, I don’t think so.  Nor is it legal in the state of Texas  . . . but I would find some delight in seeing these people arrested and whining to Obama and Holder.

“Don’t Mess With Texas” is more than a cute slogan.  It’s an attitude.  We don’t mind shooting from the hip — because we’re accurate shots.


4 comments on “U.N. Attempts To ‘Horn In’ On Texas Voters And Is Shown The Door

  1. saneromeo
    October 24, 2012

    Reblogged this on saneromeo.


  2. Ken R
    October 24, 2012

    Does this blog ever report facts? Because I never see any.


    • Sembawang Bolo
      October 25, 2012

      Ken, here’s a clue: they’re those things you always stumble over and ignore.


  3. RightyPunditry
    October 25, 2012

    I’m sorry Ken. Possibly you just don’t recognize them when you read them? They’re easy enough to locate if you put in some effort and avoid some sites and “news organization” with a pure Liberal, Democrat bias. This is what’s going on in Texas and it was actually on the news the other day… you can hear it in Abbott’s on words (check youtube). It’s also ‘factual’ that the Obama regime is “suing states” and doing all possible to make sure we don’t implement voter ID to curb massive fraud. Do some self reading…. good luck with that.


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