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Go Ahead And Fry Up Some ‘Big Bird’! Please!

Barack Obama, who must be desperate beyond desperate, has a new attack strategy on Gov. Mitt Romney.  His newest election campaign ad is depicting Mitt Romney as ready to “kill Big Bird”.  Silly, tiffing and a bit amusing — as much as it shows how frantic Obama is not to address our crushing debt.

Is Obama and his angry campaign now targeting 4 year old with this fear tactic? Mothers must be so pleased.  And I supposed the rest of us are to run in horror at the thought of the ‘dead’ Big Bird?!

Sweet flying gulags  . . .  ridiculous.

I say do away with the Bird — as far as government funding goes.  The owners of Sesame Street (who are not part of Obama’s evil 1%) have already stated the show will continue with or without government , aka TAXPAYERS money.  And honestly, there has never been a reason tax money should go to PBS or NPR.  For crying out loud — use sponsors!!

The fact is they already do and make tremendous amounts of money from sales of merchandise.  They just don’t want to get off the government tit and give up all that FREE money.  Kill the Bird.  Kill the Cookie Monster.  American taxpayers don’t need the additional debt.

Bye-by, Birdie!  Pres. Romney is coming to do away with you and all your greedy cohorts at PBS.  We can’t keep borrowing money from China to tote our  boat ….  yacht.


2 comments on “Go Ahead And Fry Up Some ‘Big Bird’! Please!

  1. Jim Zee
    October 9, 2012

    Exactly. My feelings on Big Bird:
    “Big Bird Bites The Big One” –c.2012 Jim Zee released for limited noncommercial use.

    – as a novice screen and teleplay writer, I envision the following scenario:

    FADE IN:

    CAM 1: Big Bird ( BB) enters Julia Child’s kitchen, alive and kicking pursued by Mitt Romney wielding a hatchet stolen from George Washington.

    CUT TO:
    Big Bird beheaded by the chuckling Child who proceeds to ‘bone the chicken’ with a sharp 3-inch French fillet knife stamped with her personal monogram.

    CUT TO: An enormous plucked carcass loaded into a massive oven as Child sets the timer for 12hours at 350 degrees.

    DISSOLVE TO: Child basting the bird with a fire extinguisher.

    FOCUS DISSOLVE TO: Massive drumsticks being passed hand to hand around a dinner table populated by Mr. Rogers, Bert and Ernie, The Swedish Chef, The Snufflelufagus, (who can’t keep his snuffle off the platter),
    the Ghosts of Jim Henson and Ted Kennedy (who is making drowning noises into his water glass) and the Antiques Road Show guy who’s examining the silverware for hallmarks.

    DISS TO: Steps of Sesame Street brownstone, where Oscar the Grouch is in his garbage can. Rita Moreno and Bruce Willis are hauling out a bag of trash where two giant yellow feet protrude, and dumps into Oscar’s abode.

    CUT TO: Garbage truck picks up can, and dumps the screaming Oscar and the remains of Big Bird whereby the hydraulic packer ram slams shut and muffles the Grouch.

    CAMERA PANS TO: Side of truck which says ” Romney Waste Disposal Service — Driver has No Taxpayer Money”



  2. RightyPunditry
    October 10, 2012

    Bravo’s! @ Jim Zee!


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