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USDA Workshop Attendees Coerced To Chant” Our Forefathers Were Illegal Immigrants?!

“Illegals” working on the new government to make sure they could “offend” as many human beings as possible.

USDA diversity training session included ‘illegal immigrants’ chant, group claims

The U.S. government paid a Chicago consultant hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on diversity training workshops that, according to one watchdog, included an exercise in which employees were told to chant “our forefathers were illegal immigrants.”

Conservative group Judicial Watch made the claim this week as it released a handful of documents pertaining to the program — and alleged that the sessions held by the Department of Agriculture ended up enforcing political views more than promoting tolerance.

“Instead of being diversity-oriented or tolerance-oriented, it’s more about adopting a mindset,” said Lisette Garcia, a senior investigator with the group. “It seemed to go so far as to encourage illegal immigration.”

But the USDA denied that the workshop was anything more than a training exercise to “examine stereotypes.”

“Participants did not chant during these workshops,” a department official said. “In one portion of the session, the presenter had participants repeat provocative and potentially offensive phrases as part of an exercise to examine stereotypes. The statements were not reflective of USDA or its policy.”

Judicial Watch began to investigate the sessions earlier this year after being approached by a tipster at USDA who was “offended” by them, Garcia said. Judicial Watch claims it has identified at least $200,000 spent by the USDA over the last two years on the company Souder, Betances & Associates.

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I’m sure it was an oversight that our Forefathers, illegal immigrants that they were (and just as surely the first “bitter clingers” in America, clinging to their ‘mean spirited white- think’), didn’t include a “No Offense” clause in our Founding documents.  At the very least, you’d think they would have had the foresight to add an Amendment making it illegal to “Offend” another, especially a sacred, so called “minority”.   These greedy, claim- jumpers must have had little concern for the feelings of their fellow man.  Just imagine how much better we would be today, were it a criminal Offense to offend (a Liberal)?

Of course, that’s all hog washer from the hog-washers in chief — Liberals/ Progressives, with their twisted mental capacities, who are continually attempting and failing, to squeeze out a rational thought.

Our Founders were quite literally – not “illegal immigrates”, regardless of how anyone might try to twist the facts.  There were NO laws making entry into this wide open land, illegal.  A small and extremely minute fact that must fly over, or through, the empty heads of liberal enthusiasts.  The only laws, were the laws of nature and certainly no federal or state government from which these bold men guilty of transgressing against. 

And thus, this entire stupid exercise in foolishness was simply another attempt at brainwashing.  Which we, the taxpayer, paid for.  The only successful “examination of stereotypes” was in the study of stupidity, one of the basic tenets of liberalism.


7 comments on “USDA Workshop Attendees Coerced To Chant” Our Forefathers Were Illegal Immigrants?!

  1. justturnright
    October 6, 2012

    Ohhhh, I’ve had to attend more than one of these touchy-feely workshops in my former life. Maddening and disgusting, RP.

    As you may guess, I probably didn’t “play well with others” in such settings.

    Companies have leaders, and leaders hold views, and they spread these views throughout their organization. No company is exempted. Some views are benign, some are positive, and some are like the example above: divisive and offensive.
    I would expect that such a workshop hints at an organization’s priorities and values. That would certainly be the message I’d perceive. Don’t think I’d last very long there….

    Thankfully, you can always go to another company, or another industry altogether.

    At least, you always could BEFORE.
    You know, back when real unemployment wasn’t almost 15%, and you weren’t engaged in hand-to-hand combat to acquire a new position with a new employer.

    Or, as I like to refer to the pre-Obama years: “the Good Ol’ Days”.


    • RightyPunditry
      October 8, 2012

      I imagine Obama and his minions would call “the good ole days”, racist, seeing as they view everything through the contorted lens of bias and liberalism. But this ‘brainwashing’ is garbage and unAmerican.


      • justturnright
        October 8, 2012

        Sadly, I agree, RP.
        We are still supposedly a free people. And as long as I can cling to that notion, I plan on being a royal pain-in-the-a** to this crew.

        Election Day can’t come soon enough.


  2. saneromeo
    October 8, 2012

    I dunno, I’m not sure what Native American Immigration policy was at the time…My ancestors came over legally, but then again I would say that wouldn’t I?…


  3. RightyPunditry
    October 9, 2012

    As my ancestors came “legally” as there was NO immigration laws at the time. Many years later, after we had Immigration law, more (future) relatives came here illegally because they chose to BE Americans, learn English, etc., etc. I find it weird that every country in the world has immigration policies (Mexico having some of the harshest) yet we’re not supposed to.in the mind of a Liberal.
    It’s literal stupidity to claim the Founders of America were “illegal” in any form.


  4. musclemutt
    December 10, 2012

    When you consider that the Native Americans were not the first to settle the Americas either, you must concede that these FirstNations immigrants from 10,000 years ago came late to the party, supplanting the earlier Clovis matrix [12-13500 years ago], which superseded the Pedra Furada migration of at least 15000 years ago. [Before that it’s kind of murky but DNA testing points back 60,000 years ago to 4 woman in Mongolia as the mothers of all subsequent waves of “Native” immigration.]

    My immediate family dates it’s verifiable origins to a parchement signed by James Madison and still in our possession, giving our ancestors land in Ohio. I’m pretty sure that implies status as legally immigrated aliens. And I’ve got nothing against other immigrants joining them and us, either. Get permission, gather your belongings, and then come ahead, just as the rest of us have been doing for generations. However, the notion that because Latinos can sneak in easily they are the only ones able to work and therefore live here is ridiculous. Europe, for instance, is full of well-educated, hard-working, freedom-loving people just dying for a chance at US immigration to escape bankrupt countries and policies and work hard for the American dream.

    I think the first step in solving our current problems with people who reside in the USA under a criminal status for circumventing immigration law is to rescind the notion that birth in this country is enough to confer citizenship. Instead, promulgate the ruling that a newborn takes the nationality of the mother and that the infant’s citizenship cannot affect the status of either parent’s citizenship. I’d also get rid of the so-called “dual citizenship,” by which alleged citizens of the US are also citizens of another country. Then we could get serious about sorting the mess our domestic and foreign immigration criminals have made.

    Now I know there’s a lot of jobs that folks don’t want to pay minimum wage to fill. But then they can’t complain which people take jobs under illegal conditions. And they don’t. They do learn to speak Spanish though, because the men working for them are too macho to learn English. And their children speak Spanish even better because the children’s caretaker and the housekeeper do.

    Then they’ll donate big time to elect politicians who do nothing to enact the stringent immigration laws on the books since the Reagan era. Laws that make it illegal to hire anyone who can’t prove American citizenship. We’d all be better off if these folks, instead, raised their wages a few bucks and stopped being illegal themselves. [Oh, and to the tea-party idea that government can’t force employers to check ID, tell that to the clerk in the liquor store next time some underage kid tries to buy cigarettes or alcohol.]


  5. RightyPunditry
    December 10, 2012

    “…first step in solving our current problems with people who reside in the USA under a criminal status for circumventing immigration law is to rescind the notion that birth in this country is enough to confer citizenship.” Since that was never the ‘INTENT’ you’re very correct… Democrats, as usual, twisted the intent of law to encourage chaos in our nation; encourage more ‘illegals’ onto Welfare, etc;, and more uneducated voters, in time.

    Our nation, as founded, is pretty much lost — too many corrupt politicians empowering themselves with more power and money. And the point remains — we’re brainwashing ppl to believe what is false. Founders weren’t illegal, any more than they were from Pluto.


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