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Newest Job Numbers: Cooking The Books – Boiling The Numbers – Hatching A Scheme


This isn’t even possible. This ‘sudden’ drop in unemployment would require a 4 plus % job growth  — and that didn’t happen lasts month or the month before.

 But not a surprise.  This below 8% unemployment was predicted in December of last year by Rush Limbaugh.  The regime will play whatever games necessary to make it appear Obama’s failures are a success.  The Obama regime is all snuggly in bed with the corrupt lap dog, liberal media. 

Americans continue to do without jobs, survive on unemployment, Food Stamps and other government handouts, just as Obama wants.  The more people dependent on government for their ‘daily bread’, the better he likes it — part of redistribution of our wealth as he, and his unfit, dastardly regime, see fit.


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