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U. S. Federales Are Trying To Sneak Into Your Kitchen

Feds Want Parents to Serve Healthy Food at Home

The federal government wants moms and dads to start serving meals at home that conform to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.The USDA urged parents to help reinforce the new school guidelines by providing similar meals at dinner time.

“We know that many parents are already making changes at home to help the whole family eat healthier,” the USDA wrote on their official blog. “We recommend reviewing school menus with kids at home and working to incorporate foods that are being served at school into family meals as much as possible.”

Not so yummy ‘healthy foods’ mandated by the elite government types when what people want are burgers, steaks and tasty potatoes.

Under the new guidelines, school districts must serve more whole grains, daily portions of fruits and vegetables, less sugar and salt and only low-fat or non-fat milk. But the lunches must also meet caloric restrictions. And under the government guidelines, a high school student is not allowed to  have more than 850 calories. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R) joined Iowa Rep. Steve King to introduce the “No Hungry Kids Act.” The legislation would repeal the USDA’s rule that created the new, controversial standards.

“Let the school cooks, let the parents, let the school district decide this – not some bureaucrat in the Obama White House,” Huelskamp said. “We all want to see healthier kids, but the program is not working. Now they want to control the home lunch room – the kitchen.”   here

It’s sure a relief to know we have Democrats to appoint themselves the Food Nazi Czars over the rest of us.  I don’t know how we’ve managed to eat for all these thousands of years without their intervention.  All that compassion and concern for the stupidity and ineptness of others human beings, is quite touching, isn’t it?

Take my Mom.  She worked part time, did all the shopping and had a hot meal on the table every night for dinner.  Nothing fancy but we were blessed and never felt hungry or deprived.  I will confess I managed to hide the peas under the mashed potatoes a couple of times.  I survived.  We all survived.

Never once did a government official show up at the door to see if we were being fed the appropriate government food products, although, I do believe this sort of activity transpired in the USSR and still does in places like communist controlled China and the Middle East, where you won’t find pork chops darkening any plate in their tents.

I didn’t understand that Mom was doing it wrong, all those years ago. She was an adult and made those food decisions for the family. But maybe that was because we didn’t have these compassionate radical Democrats in charge, who are just smarter than the rest of us.  They’ve decided what we should be eating (and not), just as they’ve decided how we should live, what we should say, what we should drink in what size cup… and exhale — now that liberals have decided  carbon dioxide (a necessary product of life) is ‘dangerous greenhouse gas’, I’m waiting on the ‘don’t exhale mandate’.

Making suggestion is fine and good and full of yawns and head bobbles, but while this is still a “free” nation (which I’m concerned won’t last much longer under Liberal rule), parents, all of them, can and should decide what to cook, eat, buy, prepare or shop for without the busy-body liberals sticking their big intrusive noses into our business.  It ain’t their business.


2 comments on “U. S. Federales Are Trying To Sneak Into Your Kitchen

  1. Anthony Long
    February 19, 2014

    Your sarcasm must be really appealing to your conservative audience; however, to the rest of us, you just sound poorly informed and narrow minded.


    • RightyPunditry
      February 20, 2014

      The facts and truth can do that to a Liberal. Nothing “poorly reinforced”, since it’s all backup ed by what the unelected, Food Nazi, Mrs. O has said and done. I refused to be “open minded” and accept all foolishness regurgitated by Liberals.. I know in what I believe, I know the Constitution, respect the Law and facts. There is no need to ‘think’ with how one feels on any topic, when you know what is actually correct.


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