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Obama’s War On Transparency As He Demands Four More Years For “Change” With No “Hope”

Christopher C. Horner… book “The Liberal War on Transparency.” arrives Tuesday. Publisher is Threshold Editions from Simon & Schuster, which is part of the CBS Corp.  Horner’s book is every bit as provocative as the title sounds. Among his major claims are these, as described in a news release from his publisher and from my own reading of an advance copy:

* While working as deputy White House chief of staff, President Obama’s current campaign manager, Jim Messina, used his AOL account to orchestrate the controversial deal by which drug companies lobbied for and ran ads supporting passage of Obamacare, which was just one example in a government-wide trend.

* key political appointees at the U.S. Department of Energy working on the controversial clean energy loan program made infamous by the Solyndra debacle routinely conducted official government business using private email accounts in an attempt to shield their communication from public exposure via the Freedom of Information Act.” read more juicy tidbits:  here

Barack Hussein Obama loved to tout his new ‘hopey – changy’ administration, by calling it the “most transparent” ever.  The only thing that’s been transparent with this regime is Obama’s thin- skinned demeanor and angst when anyone dare questions him and his failed policies.  Although, the only two groups doing so, have been Mexico’s Univision television network and some commentators on Fox News Chanel.

It’s been speculated the last couple of weeks, that Obama’s regime has been “covering up” what they knew happened in Libya, in their false narrative that the attack and killings were do to a few disgruntle Libyans and their “protest” over an unseen American movie trailer on youtube.  News came forth that Obama had been informed of this (4th of 5th) terrorist attack within 24 hours of the killings of Americans.  So, as Obama flew off to Vegas to gather more money for himself, he knew terrorist had killed his Ambassador and 3 others.  But he bravely and gallantly didn’t allow that to interrupt his campaigning.

It’s also been rumored and now proved, that Obama’s regime has refused to use government proved email accounts to do government business — instead, they’ve been (illegally) using private emails accounts for government business so they could illegally delete, hide and misdirect.

It’s very disconcerting for Americans who choose to trust their government; but government, and particularly government controlled by Democrats, has been proved untrustworthy.  Bill Clinton was also adored by the Leftists loving news media types, who espoused awe over Clinton’s ability to lie while sucking his lower lip and batting his eyes.  His illegal and unconscionable conduct was overlooked as much as possible — as so with Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama’s lies are as flagrant as well as they are fragrant.  Campaign ads have hit new lows of deceit as well as Obama’s speeches.  The man obviously has little concern that the ‘lapdog media’ will confront him, much less inquire into his “misstatements” and outright lies.  Goodness forbid they call a Democrat a liar.  That’s reserved for Republicans . . . . any Republican.

You get what you vote for.  Many voted for “hope and change” without making the slightest inquiring as to what “change” meant.  No concern over what “fundamental transformation” Obama was referring.  What direction he would choose to head this once great nation into — but it was one from it’s very founding, which was never considered by too many.

It’s now here and we’re continuing to wake up under soft tyranny with government controlling and banning 32 oz soft drinks cups to mandating what kind of personal insurance we must purchase…. while we hear little of terrorist attacks here and abroad.  As well as little mention to the number of men dying trying to fight terrorist in their very midst (we now, know our military is required to work with and training Taliban terrorist in Pakistan    video here ).  ‘Medicaid for all’ is quickly becoming an overly expense, dismal reality along with Obama’s changing American into a dependent socialist nation, clinging to food stamps and unemployment checks.  More “bitter clingers”, no doubt.

Barack Hussein Obama is telling us he must have 4 more years to finish what he began.  What he began was socialist dictates and massive government controls — tyranny is not what made America great.  It’s why we left Great Britain and fought for our independence – real “hope and change”.

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