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Republicans Support The Wealthy – Democrats support the poor. You betcha!

This is pathetic.  Not to be eager to mock an idiot, but if you’re run over by a train, you must acknowledge the train exists.

Obama and his loyal socialist minions, love to harass and harangue the achievers of America — those who’ve been successful and made that evil money (although there are more extremely wealth Democrats in Congress than Republicans).  And Democrats pretend to be so compassion about the less wealth.  And it is a phony pretense, proved by their failed polices.

Democrats loudly tout that Republicans support the wealthy – and Democrats support the poor.  Actually, that’s correct (and about the only thing Democrats get right).

Republicans want everyone to be wealthy, independent and capable of purchasing what they want by supporting and implementing policies offering individuals the best opportunities to do so!

Democrats want to keep people poor, impoverish and dependent on the government to meet their needs, as proved by their policies!  Barack Hussein Obama being the perfect example as the “Food Stamp President.  Millions more of Americans on now on food stamps, unemployment and other government programs, than any time in our history.  You won’t see a Democrat apologize for this dismal result — they’re proud of it.  This is “equality” and “fairness”  — everyone being equally poor is ‘fair’.

This woman has learned to ‘depend’ on the government to meet her needs.  She probably actually believes she deserves to get all she can.  And she’ll always want more and more and more, supplied by working taxpayers!  Obama’s “cell phone giveaway” plan is disgusting outrage.  And to boot,  every recipient who brings in another eager, greedy recipient — also receives more free (to them) minutes!  All supplied by those of us who work and pay taxes.

Stupid, greedy, lazy and disgusting.  This is not the American way.  But it’s certainly this woman’s way.  Gimme gimme – vote Obama.  And we certainly can’t say Obama hasn’t stooped to buying votes from the most uneducated and governement dependent adults – the Democrat base.



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