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More Lies From MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough In An Attempt To Malign Gov. Romney And Lie To The Public!

Conservative MSNBC host Joe Scarborough (*who likes to ‘play’ a conservative but is not) cried out for his Savior on Wednesday after viewing video of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney awkwardly trying to get a crowd in Ohio to chant his name.

After Romney gave a shout out to his running mate, Paul Ryan, in Vandalia, Ohio on Tuesday, the crowd got excited and began chanting, “Ryan! Ryan!”

“Wait a second,” Romney said, reminding the crowd that he was at the top of the ticket. (a lie, an absolute lie.  That isn’t what was transpiring as those in attendance have said)

“Romney-Ryan, Romney-Ryan,” the former governor instructed the crowd, although most of them ignored him. (another lie) “There we go.”

After co-host Mika Brzezinski played the video on Wednesday, Scarborough could only put his hands over his eyes and utter, “Oh, sweet Jesus.”

“What do the Catholics say? ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now in the hour of [death]‘?” the conservative host wondered.

“No, it’s over,” Brzezinski pointed out. “It’s not going to work. It’s too late for that.” full disgusting story:   here

This is either a blatant, premeditated lie or a total lack of reporting on the part of all these pathetic souls.  That is NOT what happened and has been verified by Breitbart.com, who studied the video recording and by a gentlemen who attended the Romney – Ryan event.

The crowd was yelling “ROMNEY ROMNEY! ROMNEY!”  Gov. Romney, being a gentlemen, stepped forward and told the crowd that it was “Romney – Ryan”.

These so called reporters, journalist and empty- headed talking heads, whose bias is so slanted to liberals, they are completely incompetent and a disgrace to the profession, should be ashamed, but never are.  They don’t ‘report’ facts but spew liberal propaganda.  Neither do they bother to find out any accuracy, but simply regurgitate what they choose to believe or create a new lie.  Facts are unimportant to them… only getting out the Leftist talking points is relevant.



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