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Jesus Is What?!

The deceiver comes as an ‘angel of light’
2 Corinthians 11:14

On occasion I run across a blogger, hear a TV commentator or have a person here and there, who proudly insists that Jesus was a Liberal.  I know, should I choose to get into a conversation, that it will take immense time and consideration to delve into a reasoned, civil rebuttal.  I also realize I won’t win: none are so blind as those who refuse to see — and Liberals refuse.

These are people who demand tolerance of their views, but more often than not, refuse to give much tolerance for the views of others.  They can and often resort to a  profound use of curse words and a flurry of personal attacks, as they demand “tolerance” for their beliefs.  They find new and cockeyed ways to hate Republicans, as if they were battling an al Qaeda member.  But when they spit out the name, Republican, more than likely they actually mean – Conservative or Christian.

Those people (Conservatives and Christians) are defined as “hypocrites”, “liars”, “intolerant”, “bigots”, “homophobes”, racist!”, spewers “hate speech”, and on and on. . . .

This is why I no longer engage in a conversation with Liberals hiding in blogdom – there’s little reasonableness found.  They know what they hate, conservatives, and are usually hardcore, embedded Liberals.

Some times these people claim to be “Christian”, and they could be, no doubt, but if they are believers then they’ve been poorly taught.  Many also claim to hold a knowledge of the Bible and God’s viewpoint.  These are the people who love to proclaim that Jesus is a Liberal.  That’s much like saying that the devil is a good guy, who’s simply misunderstood.

If Jesus is a Liberal, then He must sanctions abortion, disprove of spanking a child; disproves of using personal self defense methods, the taking a human life in war or through the judicial system.  He must “love” homosexuals and  thus have no problem with their marriage.  He also didn’t’ just created man for woman — but woman for woman.  And God must look at government as an entity to make life fair and charitable for all and ‘tsk tsk’ a bit at the “greedy” wealthy.

How does that all add up according to the Bible?

God condemns the taking of innocence human life. Thou shall not kill is actually translated, “Thou shall not MURDER”.  What is a better display of murder than killing the innocent unborn.  God understands evil and the necessity to defend ourselves, so yes, we have the God given right to kill in self defense, in war and to execute in particular circumstances.

Since God knows there will be wars and battles, things which must and will be fought for and against in the human relationship, He’s laid out instruction in how to carry them out in the Old Testament.  God Himself rightly and justly took many lives in ‘war’.  In fact, He taught His people the Jews, how to fight a war.  Jesus was not a pacifist.  He is the Lamb of God — and also the “roaring lion of Judah”.

God has shown that government’s duty is to punish the guilty – even the death penalty is appropriate and isn’t considered wrong or unjust.  Some people would be shocked to read the number of men, women, children and animals God destroyed by His own hand or by His instructions.

Clearly and without dispute, God has always condemned the immorality and sinfulness of a homosexual relationship  (Lev 18:22-23  1 Cor 6:9).  He made that point very clear in His dealings with Sodom and Gomorrah.  Since God never ‘changes’, He’s the same today, as yesterday as 6 thousands years ago and He will be the same the day after tomorrow.

God teaches charity, caring, giving of time, talents and that ‘filthy lucre’ – but that is to be accomplished by individuals.  Not government taking money from earners to “redistribute” in some phoney “fairness” argument.  That’s called theft. (“Thou shall not steal” applies to government as well)

Any fallible human can argue those points endless and defy the facts, defy God and defy His will and Word — but again, that doesn’t change anything.  Truth remains truth. 

These statement are all easily proved within the Bible.  It is the only inerrant Word of God.  Therefore from God’s point of view (which by default must be the view of Christians) – Jesus can’t be a Liberal.  He can’t lie; He can’t mislead; and can’t reconstruct or change His Word which is Truth.  It’s against His very nature.  Not so with human beings and the reason we’re all born ‘fallen’, sinful little things, banging around on earth assuming that we’re so very smart and can determine our own interpretation of “right from wrong”, all on our own.  Or more correctly — redefine ‘right and wrong’, which seems to be the core of liberalism.

No one is forced to believe in God, His Son nor in the validity of the Bible.  But that doesn’t change the character of God nor the facts, anymore than disbelieving in gravity makes it non existent.

Jesus is not a liberal.  You would have to redefine the meaning of the word, which I’ve also seen happen. He is opposed to the list above.  After all, that is His Own list!

The false and ridiculous argument that Jesus is a liberal is as old, worn and as tired as Satan’s agenda against God and mankind.  Christians don’t expect that to go away anytime soon.  Satan is still busy on the 3rd planet from the sun.  And he’s busy teaching and telling Liberals that everyone else is lying.  After all, he dresses as an ‘angel of light’ to deceive those who are willing and eager to be deceived.  Unfortunately, he’s never short of takers.


4 comments on “Jesus Is What?!

  1. saneromeo
    September 28, 2012

    There is an increasing need for those in the Christian faith to defend their religion against ignorant bias and we cannot do that unless grounded squarely in the Bible. This was a great post!


    • RightyPunditry
      September 28, 2012

      1. you’re correct and 2. thank you very much!

      This was all foretold in the Bible… the great falling away, apathy and false teachers, especially in “the last days”. But it’s sad to watch and hard to hear lies spoken so easily from those claiming to know the Truth.


  2. Sembawang Bolo
    September 28, 2012

    “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.”
    There are many “jesuses” out there. The liberals have a liberal “jesus” who redistributes OPM, believes in “global warming”, “social justice”, gay “marriage”, bloated government, equal outcomes, nonjudgemental, moral equivalence, everyone is a “good” person and no one is going to Hell because everyone suffers enough when conservatives and Republicans are in power. Liberal “jesus” also believes in abortion — because he’s pro-womens’ right to choose — and believes in illegal immigration. He also believes America is an evil place filled with imperalists, nativists, and xenophobes. Islam, to the liberal “jesus” is no different than “progressive christianity”, which share the same goals and beliefs. There will always be a “jesus” for every occassion, whim and fancy. It’s the real Jesus liberals hate.


    • RightyPunditry
      September 28, 2012

      You got that right. Their imitation of Jesus is one they create to suite their agenda. Nothing about Obama says ‘Christian.


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