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Open Letter To Obama From 9/11 Surviors – Appears Barack Can’t Be Bothered

An open letter from a 9/11 survivor to President Obama requesting that the president cease invoking the death of Osama bin Laden as a re-election tool has been answered with a completely unrelated form response from the White House.

That response, provided to The Daily Caller, did not include a single reference to Army Major David King’s objections and instead reminded him that, “Each day, I hear from concerned men and women who are struggling in this economy.” What follows is an 1100-word insistence that Obama is attempting to turn the economy around. The letter ends by telling Maj. King, “For more information on jobs, health benefits, housing assistance, and other public resources, you may also call 1-800-FEDINFO or visit http://www.USA.gov.”

Nowhere in the White House letter is the bin Laden raid mentioned. A Google search of the text shows the same response letter is often sent to individuals who write critical letters to the White House.

“I was disappointed that I didn’t receive anything specifically addressing my concern,” King told TheDC in a phone interview. “All I got back was a re-election letter.”

King is a former Army Special Forces operator and wounded survivor of al Qaida’s September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon. One of his colleagues described King’s injuries that day.” read more of the arrogance of the Obama White House:  here

All Americans hope to feel some respect for their elected President, just as they do for their hometown, their school or home state.  But Obama and his dutiful minions looming around our White House make that’s literally impossible.

One of my first thoughts when I read stories like this, is going back to the way a Republican President is treated, spoken about and heralded – in comparison to any Democrat.  It’s much like comparing a terrorist to Mom’s and her apple pie.

If President Bush, who by all accounts (which was finally admitted to by those who proudly considered themselves “his enemy”), said he was a descent, kind, intelligent and thoughtful man (although that fact certainly stuck in their craw while he was serving).

On the other hand, Barack Obama isn’t considered much of a ‘descent, kind or thoughtful man’ by those around to him.  He’s a small, petty, self-serving spoiled child, prone to temper tantrums and harsh rebuffs to all who contradict him.  Viewing Obama for over 4 years, it’s pretty clear that’s who he is.

Those ‘accounts’ from those surrounding Obama could be dismissed if they weren’t quite so abundant and if little Barack himself, didn’t continually prove how small and self absorbed he is.  The man who said, there would be no “spiking of the (Osama) football” has done nothing but spike that ball and set a spotlight on his own, glorious name — even inviting a film crew in for “briefing” and discourse of “top secret information”.

I don’t have to gush over Obama — I’ll never agree with his (horrible, ungodly) polices.  But I could have respect if he showed respect for all Americans.  Especially our service men and women who give so much.  And those Vets who deserve all our respect and admiration.

But my President, Barack Hussein Obama, called American citizens, many of who were ‘older’ Americans, that foulest of name I’d ever heard – “teabaggers”.   And he did so as if that were an everyday term.  He continually has divided and maligned one American against another, the wealthy against those with less wealth, skin color against skin color and then there are all the lies…..

He deserves no respect.  He doesn’t even deserve the office he holds, but that should be changed in November, when the name callers screaming “racist!”, “haters!” and the like, will still be at the ready to spit their hate at Romney. Whatever . . . some people will never have enough maturity to do anything but be foul and loathsome.

But I know for sure, that Pres. Romney will show and give the respect to our military, our nation and it’s citizens that is due.


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