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The Left Has All Too Much In Common With Totalitarian- Muslim “Extremist”

This is part of a transcript from the Rush Limbaugh show last week.  A discussion on the commonality between the American Left (which includes the majority of elected Democrats, TV commemorators and all Liberals).  The majority of their ideology is in lockstep with “radical Muslims” or “radical Islamist”.  Don’t believe it?  Keep reading.

They both hate free speech, individuality, free thought, free expression – even Barack Hussein Obama condemned our free speech rights and put American lives in immediate danger (Americans now in hiding) by running his mouth off and immediately blaming the deaths of our Ambassador and now 6 other people on a ridiculous online movie.  And where was his defense of American rights?  Non existent.

The Left are the people who are intolerant.  In their ideology — you can’t be Chick- Fil- A and support normal, “traditional” marriage or you’re a  “hater!” and “hate!” homosexuals. Point to facts of Obama’s provable lies and your “racist!”… when you disagree with Obama and liberal policies, you’re a “racist!”  Whatever a Conservative says, is “bigoted”, “hateful”.  If Conservatives use certain words, like “Constitution” or “birth certificate, they scream other absurd insults  — all in an attempt to control speech they don’t like.

This is exactly what all “radicals” do – whether Islamic…. or Democrats.

Read part of this transcript and see the similarities in what these people want and believe.  Conservatives won’t be surprised.  Democrats, liberals and Leftist will simply deny the truth as they always do:

Caller:  The Left love to preach to others. — You know, because of this holier-than-thou feeling that they need to preach their beliefs to somebody else, they’re going to look for something wrong; for something to criticize in the other people. Even though the mainstream citizens aren’t doing anything wrong. And that’s pretty much where it stems from, that even though the radical Muslims are committing egregious crimes, somebody here is condemning it and exposing it. And doing it in an insensitive way. Which, by definition, every exposure is. So instead of choosing to condemn and to fight against the real problem, which is pretty hard to do, instead they just take the way of preaching to the harmless, innocent citizen who is doing nothing but exposing evil.

RUSH: Because it’s a real basic question: Why in the world do they go so far out of their way to make sure these people aren’t offended? I think it’s because they, the American left, have a lot in common with militant Islam.  They have a common enemy, and the common enemy is American conservatives.

RUSH: I think they’re both totalitarian. They believe in totalitarianism. They believe in the largest central command and control, commanding and telling everybody what they can and can’t do. Where they can and can’t go. What they can and can’t eat. The similarities between the American left and militant Islam are shocking.

We (conservatives, and normal Americans) believe in freedom, and that doesn’t go with either liberalism or Islam.   Let me read you this LA Times op-ed, which claims that freedom of speech probably does go too far when it involves Islam.

It (LA Times) goes on here about “speech that is deliberately tailored to put lives and property at immediate risk.” Well, who gets to sit in judgment of what kind of speech that is? Yeah, that’s right! The government does. “Especially in the heightened volatility of today’s Middle East, such provocation is certainly irresponsible —

They want us to see it (terror attacks) as some really rare occurrence that is radical and has nothing to do with mainstream anything. It doesn’t happen that much. But to the extent that it does, it’s because there are conservatives that these people don’t like.  Let me put it this way. Answer this question with intellectual honesty: “If your average liberal had a choice to rid the world of Muslim extremism or American conservatism, what do you think the liberal would choose?”

We (conservatives) want freedom, individual responsibility, individuality, entrepreneurism. You make the best of life however you can. Equality of outcomes is not possible. They want sameness everywhere, even sameness in dress. It’s really striking when you think about it, all the areas of similarity. It really is. When a terrorist act happens, what’s the liberals’ first reaction? Blame conservatives! Dark Knight Rising? Tea Party! Gabby Giffords? Sarah Palin!

Any criminal act, mass murder, or terrorist act, the American left (including the media) first looks if a conservative is to blame. The car bomber in Times Square? Mayor Doomberg, who did he blame? Conservatives who were unhappy with Obamacare. Right? Meanwhile, what’s-his-name at Fort Hood blows the joint up? “No, we can’t say that that had anything to do with Islam. This is a sick person.”

You let any act like that happen, and the left’s first reaction try to blame a conservative for it. You know it and I know it.”  here

Liberals hate the facts — they’re so ‘inconvenient’.  But it’s always the Liberal Left who condemned free speech, the right to self defense (gun ownership), make laws as to what is “allowed” to eat or drink (or the size cup that’s “allowed” to be sold).  Now they’re starting to kowtow to Sharia law (as Obama and Hillary did last weekend) – appeasing Muslims, condemning Christians beliefs (just as the Catholic Church).

They, the Left, Liberals, and Democrats refuse to see themselves in a mirror held to their faces.  Like a vampire, they see no reflection — only manufactured hated, bigotry and racism emanating from their own blinded souls.

2 comments on “The Left Has All Too Much In Common With Totalitarian- Muslim “Extremist”

  1. justturnright
    September 24, 2012

    They are the masters of projection, which is why they accuse Conservatives of things that would never even occur to your average Conservative.

    The Left has become so shrill, most dogs cower in pain when Leftist start to speak.

    The only option we have remaining to us is to simply defeat the Progressives. Then they can all go to their local Starbucks and cry into their lattes.
    But they won’t be able to ruin the country any further…at least for the next couple of years.


  2. RightyPunditry
    September 24, 2012

    I think they “project” things which they themselves DO.
    I don’t think we can beat Progressive (socialist – liberals- communist) – although we must continue to try, of course. But the devil is in charge of their agenda and only the Lord will defeat them in His time.
    We’ll win this election… I’m sorry we don’t have a strong conservative to take over the WH and restore dignity.


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