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White House Connection To Colombian Prostitution Scandal?

A White House advance staffer may have paid for a prostitute along with Secret Service agents while preparing for President Barack Obama’s trip to Colombia in 2012, according to the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security.

The White House has denied that any White House staffers were involved.

On Friday, the office of Acting Inspector General Charles K. Edwards released a statement saying it has completed an independent review of the allegations.

“Although allegations related to the non-USSS personnel were outside the scope of the investigation, one of these employees is a Department of Defense employee affiliated with the White House Communication Agency and the other, whose employment status was not verified, may have been affiliated with the White House advance operation,” the inspector general’s office said.

The office plans to release a full report on its findings.”   Read more: here

Wow, now it sounds like the 3rd term of Bill Clinton. But he was bolder, holding his ‘prostitution entertainment’ in the Oval Office.  And the reason Bill Clinton never released his medical records, no doubt.

This is another good reason never to elect Democrats.



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