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Monica Lewinsky: Tell ALL Story About Democrat Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky the one-time White House intern, now 39, is planning a tell-all book that will reveal the most intimate details of her frolicking relationship with former President Bill Clinton. There are reports by the Christian Post, that she has heard offers of as much as $12 million from publishers.

Lewinsky friends are saying she is seeking revenge on the former president, with her book.

Mail Online reports that the book includes Lewinsky’s love letters to Clinton- some so intimate they were never sent. Clinton reportedly said his sex life with wife Hillary was non-existent, and referred to her as a “cold fish.” And the book is said to tell how former President Clinton enjoyed three-way sex, orgies and using sex toys.

Lewinsky was not able to tell intimate details of her relationship with Clinton when she released her earlier book, “Monica’s Story,” in 1998, due to an immunity deal for her testimony against Clinton for a grand jury, according to Radar Online. That deal expired in 2001.

The public tryst between Lewinsky, who was then a 22-year-old White House intern and Clinton, left Lewinsky with a tarnished reputation. So much so, sources report that she has had difficulty finding employment. Typically silent about the controversy, many see this as a last attempt to cash in from the more intimate details about the affair.  here

This mean the Clinton’s War On Women will start up again.  Hillary, the “cold fish” mentioned in the above story, was behind the personal destruction of these women, in her ‘take no hostages’ approach to protecting Bill ‘the skank’ Clinton and HER presidency back in the ’90’s.  She probably thought it was now safe and these brow-beaten woman would stay away.  oops

At the time, Clinton’s ‘people’ referred to these woman as “trailer park trash”, “what you get when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park” (it seems Clinton and his people knew a lot about trailer park ‘entertainment’) and liars, as well as many other despicable names, all to protect this Democrats.  Same ole, same ole. 

The Democrats love their immoral skanks and reprobates… they give them big speech at Conventions and drag them in front of cameras to expose their intelligence and enlighten the rest of us, the “clinging to our guns and Bibles” crowd. 

This should be interesting of nothing else.  Let the games begin!


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