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Florida Pastor Says “Put Muhammad On Trial”

Florida pastor Terry Jones isn’t concerned about a warrant for his arrest issued by Egypt’s general prosecutor on charges that could bring the death penalty.

Jones told The Daily Caller that the charges — stemming from his promotion of the film “Innocence of Muslims” — are “absolutely ridiculous” and “typical” of Islam.  The criminal charges include insulting Islam and Muhammad, harming national unity, and spreading false information.

Egyptian authorities, Jones said, “would definitely be better advised to put Muhammad on trial.”

In 2011 and again earlier this year, Jones torched copies of the Quran after presiding over a “trial” of the book that found it guilty of “crimes against humanity.”

“I do have a degree of sympathy for Muslims,” Jones said. “They’re like a lot of Christians who haven’t read the Bible — they don’t understand what type of life Muhammad actually led.  They’re definitely not all radical and anti-American,” he added, “but this is an example of how Islam is not compatible with Western society, which is based upon the First Amendment — freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, being able to be critical.”   Read more: here

If Pastor Jones (who’s been maligned by everyone adding their 2 cents to this non- story of his actions) were to be concerned about anything, it would be Barack Hussein Obama turning him over to Egypt for Islamic style justice.  Not beyond the realm of possibilities.

America now ‘officially’ knows that the attack, rape (sodomy) and murder of our Ambassador in Libya, was indeed a well planned terrorist attack (here ) and had nothing to do with an online video – which our own government, including Obama, were pushing as late as Tuesday night on the Jay Leno show.  The video was simply the last excuse for these Muslims to pillage and destroy.

(We should note that Jesus the Christ is maligned and ‘crucified’ on a daily basis around the world – from celebrities, TV “comedians”, our own politicians and religious malcontents, but Christians don’t respond with violence.  That ‘defense’ is left where is belongs — with the Lord Himself, Who is the final Judge)

The Egyptian president, who is from the Muslim Brotherhood (official terrorist group) and whom Obama can be directly given credit for putting in office, has been rattling his hijab for a week, demanding the arrest (and murder) of Americans who spoke the truth and joked about Muhammad.  Muhammad, who is definitely a “shadowy character” at best ( here).  Were Muslims to put him on trail and do a throughout investigation (which is not difficult) it would be revealed that he was not a man of no morals, ethics or godliness.  And the reason Muslims close their eyes to their prophet and god, they choose to blindly follow.  The “blind sheik” is certainly not the only blind Muslim.

Of course, that won’t be happening.  The devil is well ground in Islam and his gritty hands continue to cover the eyes and ears of all devoted followers.  Millions of Muslims have already been lost to the saving grace of Christ.  Christians should all join in prayer for the veil of darkness to be lifted and the light of the Word to open the eyes and souls of those remaining.



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