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The Despicable Rhetoric Of Barack Obama Continues As He Maligns Free Speech And The “Shadowy Character” He’s Created

President Obama took direct aim at the maker of the anti-Islamic film his administration is using as a scapegoat for bad Middle Eastern policy on his most recent Letterman appearance, calling him a “shadowy character.”

Obama did not offer a defense of free speech when talking about the subject of ongoing rioting in the Middle East and yes, the President turned down a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently but found time to do a Letterman appearance in campaign season. Tonight, Obama will attend a fundraiser hosted by mega-celebrities Jay-Z and Beyonce.  here

An American intimidate by his government and maligned by his own President, now fearful of his life.

Naturally, Barack Hussein Obama, with his intimate background in Islam, and with his peculiar distaste for the American Constitution, would not “offered a dense” of our First Amendment rights.  His natural, knee jerk reaction would be to view this filmmaker and his ‘rights’ as a “shadowy character”.

Possibly this poor, intimidated man has become a ‘shadowy character’ in good part due to Obama and his direct maligning of this man.  Obama and his personal condemnation added with his outrageous apology to terrorists Muslims, murdering Americans overseas and creating chaos — might be enough to make any free individual run for the hills.


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