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Colorado High School Officials Confiscate Rosary From A Student

Officials at a Colorado high school reportedly confiscated rosary beads from a student, claiming the religious necklace is affiliated with gangs and disruptive to learning.

Manuel Vigil, a 16-year-old junior at Thompson Valley High School in Loveland, said administrators offered no explanation when they seized the rosary beads twice since school started three weeks ago.

“They tell me I can’t wear them,” Vigil told the station, adding that he wears the beads to protect himself from harm.

“I use them for prayer. I feel safe when I have them on,” he said.

Officials, however, claim the religious necklace is not safe for school.

“That’s typically not what we want for a safe environment for school,” Thompson Valley School District spokesperson Margaret Crespo told KDVR.”   Read more: here

I hate to break the news to these “official” idiots at the school, but they have no legal rights to confiscate a child’s rosary beads, a Christian cross necklace nor any other religious jewlery a child choses to wear.  I hope his family is in the position to hire a lawyer. If not, there are groups who will take the case free of charge.

This is ridiculous and another example of out of control ‘government’ authorities, believing they make, create and dispense all laws.  Anything they find ‘offensive’ or deem dangerous, that doesn’t suit their agenda.   This absurdity is even more exacerbate by Obama and Clinton’s continuous apologies to jihads who ‘claim’ to be offended by a silly video.  Maybe if the Catholic’s went on a tear like these muslims criminal barbarians, they’d get the respect they deserve!

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