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Under Obama’s “Leading From Behind” Approach: Ratings Agency Downgrades U.S. Credit — Again!

Downgraded. Again.  Citing the most recent round of stimulus, the ratings agency Egan-Jones on Friday gave the U.S. a credit rating of AA-, down from its solid AA rating.  Michael Aneiro at Barron’s notes that the downgrade comes three days after Egan-Jones “affirmed its AA rating for the U.S. but warned that further Fed stimulus could trigger a downgrade.” Thanks, Bernanke.  here

There’s no excuse for this.  Obama and his incompetent regime are turning American into Afghanistan.  If you still don’t understand why or if it’s “intentional” — watch “2016: Obama’s America”.

And Bernanke, with Obama’s approval,  still continue to grossly devalue our money!  Inflation with be another destructive force Obama’s has unleashed on all citizens.



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