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Another (Previous) Celebrity Wants Murder Changes Brought For Free Speech

Bette Midler, like Cher, is a ‘celebrity’ of years gone by and who’s name would ring no bells with many.  But she is still trying to prove her relevance in the world by Tweeting such pathetic nonsense.

A strong case can be made that if anyone were “responsible” for the crimes committed by these Muslims (besides the barbarians themselves), that it would be Barack Hussein Obama and his “spiking the football” antics (which he originally condemned) over the killing of Osama Obama bin Laden.  Those Muslims were chanting, “We’re all Osama’s now, Obama!”  It certainly appears Obama “incited” some chaos?

Midler, Cher and a horrid of other celebrity Liberals refuse to recognize the First Amendment rights of ALL Americans — when it interferes with their slander and hatred of those particular people. Free speech cannot and should not be stifled and punished (by government) simply because we disagree.

She’s another ‘political bigot’ who only endorses progressive- liberal ‘hate speech’ towards those of whom she disagrees.  That’s justifiable and correct, in their minds. Then these same Liberals turn around and eagerly support “freedom of speech!!” to support whatever verbal crime they’ve committed.

I imagine… or hope, she didn’t literally mean these particular people should be changed with a criminal act, but who knows.  In any case, she still remains an irrelevant, has- been entertainer who lines up on the side of hating values, ideas or thoughts opposite of hers.


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