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Obama’s Military: U S Marines Not Allowed To Carry Ammunition At Embassies

The story of what’s been going on in Egypt and Libya just keeps getting worse. We already know that the embassy in Benghazi had no Marine guards at the time of the attack. With a hat tip to Mark Thompson at TIME, though, we now know that the Marines in Cairo were not allowed to carry live ammunition, per the orders of US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson. He directs us to this Nightwatch blog post which reports:

She did not permit US Marine guards to carry live ammunition, according to USMC blogs. Thus she neutralized any US military capability that was dedicated to preserve her life and protect the US Embassy.

In this respect, she did not defend US sovereign territory and betrayed her oath of office. She neutered the Marines posted to defend the embassy, trusting the Egyptians over the Marines.”   here

Weakness never results in strength, anymore than cowardice results in bravery.

Our military continues to have it’s hands tied and forced into nothing more than a neutered response force.  That’s not what they sign up for, and it’s not helping anyone.

We must have leadership that promotes America success and strength.  We must vote Obama OUT.

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