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American Embassies “Warn Of Possible Attacks”… And Obama Is Still Fundraising

Embassies in 7 countries warn of possible attacks

U.S. embassies in at least seven countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Caucasus are warning of possible anti-American protests following the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

The embassies in Armenia, Burundi, Kuwait, Sudan, Tunisia and Zambia, along with the embassy in Egypt, which was hit by a protest on Tuesday, all issued warnings on Wednesday advising Americans to be particularly vigilant.” more:  here

We know from several accounts that Obama sends ‘surrogates’ to the Presidents private Intelligence Briefings.  Possibly he considers that’s ‘above his pay grade’ or it just doesn’t fit into his busy schedule of rising by 9 am (or so) and being on the golf course by 10.  And of course, there are all those demanding fundraising vacations trips all over the country and back again.  But in any case, he skips most of them.  (here)

We must wonder if he’s aware of the uptick in violence surrounding our embassies and what’s he doing to either stop it or bring out people home. The “leading from behind” tactic he boast of, is much like Custard ridding the opposite directs of the indianans — that also ending badly.

These racial Islamist will always be a danger to the world in general, as they continue to demand, through violence, sharia law’s implementation and sole world respect for their false god allah.

There is only one way to deal with these people in language they understand and that’s violence.  Mollycoddling barbarians is taunting the tiger and this ‘tiger’ is rabid and must be put down.


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