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SNL Dumps White Impersonator — In A Blatant “Racist” Move?

Armisen: dumped for not being “black enough” while impersonating a 1/2 white man. Makes perfect sense… to a liberal.

… NBC’s Saturday Night Live is dumping its Caucasian Obama impersonator and going with a fully black Obama (cast member Jay Pharoah). Obama is half-black, so is Pharoah more authentically Obama-like?

Molloy found the whiteness was an obstacle: “Armisen’s impersonation, while good, drew some raised eyebrows — Read more: here

Doesn’t get much racier or racist than that.  A white man is canned for playing a 1/2 white man. . .  that only makes since to the contorted Liberal mind.

I thought Armisen  did a terrific job.



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