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Egyptian President Calls for Punishment of…American Filmmaker And Doesn’t Mention The Killings Of Americans

 Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who is part of the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization), hasn’t said a word publicly about punishing those responsible for the violent attacks on the U.S. Embassy in his country or in Libya, but he is calling for an American filmmaker to be punished for offending Muslims. Sorry buddy, that’s not how the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution works.

” While the main filmmaker behind an anti-Islam movie attacking the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud goes into hiding amid protests in Egypt, the country’s president, Mohamed Morsi, is demanding that the Egyptian Embassy in Washington take legal action against the team behind the controversial film.“.   here

I’m sure the “peace loving” Morsi would love to punish this Jewish filmmaker personally — with a machete across the neck. That’s the usual way that tolerant Islam converses with others religious views.

American Ambassador

But this is America, where we have freedom of speech and expression. This means we can mock their false god, allah, Muhammad and and his false prophets.  Put on your big boy pants like the rest of us and deal with it in an acceptable manner, which is without chaos and bloodshed.

It’s these Muslims who have ‘offended’ Americans.  Who continue to ‘offend’ all descent people in the world.  These barbarians parading around as “peaceful muslims”, who just willfully and with forethought, murdered Americans.

If I President or Sec. of State, my answer to the Egyptian President (which Obama is directly responsible for place in office), would be “***** ********.  Won’t happen.  But you will be hearing directly from the American military”.


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